Wall Unit Shelving for Bedroom/Office

Built-in Bookcase Adds Floor-to-Ceiling Storage in the Traditional Style

custom bedroom wall unit with vent grill
A built-in wall unit adds floor-to-ceiling shelving around the bedroom dresser and television. The bookshelves are fully backed for more of a furniture look. The opening in the center is currently occupied by a dresser and television. But that space can easily be replaced by a full-size bed, offering more options whan eventually staging the home for resale.

The Problem:

Sometimes you want a new built-in to look like it was always there. The owners of this home favor the look of the elegant manions that graced many parts of Chicago in the earlier part of the 20th cenury. They spent a lot of time furnishing their condo with antiques that evoke the French Provencial style and had the place just the way they wanted it. But changes in work arrangements necessitated a new space dedicated to work-from-home activities. As a result, they looked to converting their spare bedroom into a home office. The bedroom-to-office conversion meant a lot of shelving and storage needed to be added to the space. But they didn't want to lose the antique décor that they had spent so much effort in aquiring.

The Solution:

Closet Works designed a wall of floor-to-ceiling shelving in a style and color that matched the bedroom's exisiting dresser. Plenty of storage was added without blemishing the room's aesthetic. The built-in bookshelves envelope the original dresser and allow it to function as a credenza for the owner's "new" antique desk. The mirror over the dresser was taken down and replaced by a flat screen TV of similar proportions.

The new bookshelves are very versatile. The opening for the dresser and television just happens to be the width of a full-size bed. If the owners ever wish to use the space as a bedroom again, a bed can easily replace the dresser. The surrounding shelves would offer a built-in headboard look.

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