Living Room Wall Units for Entertainment & Storage

Custom living room wall unit with flip down doors
The three-cabinet credenza/wall unit has flip down doors on the top shelves to provide easy access to the Blueray, cable box, and other media components.

wall unit fits under window in living room
The second, two-cabinet credenza/wall unit sits on the other side of the fireplace. It offers additional storage space.

Two Credenza Style Wall Units with Glass Flip Down Doors and Air Vent Access

With a clean and sharp aesthetic, these wall units add a stylish and modern flair to the home. The design is not only attractive, but it is thoughtfully customized and adapts to the features of the room. A brick fireplace dominates one wall of the living room, acting as an off-center focal point. A sofa and other seating will probably be placed in front of it, creating a cozy atmosphere and center for family activity.

Closet Works flanked either side of this hearth with storage for a TV and other media components. Ventilation remains available through a vent grill included in the base moulding. The height of the unit sits just under the window sills. It is also perfect for access to the the electrical outlet on the wall where the television will eventually go. Flip down doors are a unique feature that keep electronics conveniently accessible, yet concealed. The glass inserts enhance the overall look and are a great way to monitor the lights on the equipment without leaving them exposed. The other side reflects the stunning features of the opposing unit sans glass inserts. The vent grills blend into the unit providing access to the home's air system. They are easily removed for air duct cleaning under the system.

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