A Modern Laundry Room to Take the Drudgery Out of Chores — Featuring a Custom Cabinet for Laundry Room Accessories

Take the Drudgery Out of Chores With a Custom Cabinet for Laundry Room Organization

Modern Laundry Room Design maximizes Storage Space
This modern laundry room is a show piece of form meets function. It provides plenty of storage, along with the luxury of time saving accessories that make the drudgery of doing the laundry more pleasant — all within a beautiful space where you can enjoy spending your time. A bright, high gloss finish on the laundry room cabinet and under cabinet LED lighting keep the space illuminated, pleasant and cheerful.

Procter & Gamble Co. reported that the average American household washes 600 loads of laundry each year*. No wonder that laundry seems to be a never ending task for most families. Trying to work while surrounded by towers of dirty clothes and countertops cluttered with laundry aides makes this massive chore even more unpleasant. Help is available, however, when you make an appointment at Closet Works! This custom laundry room design tackles the dirty clothes problem head on by creating a high functioning space with plenty of storage and elegant finishes. This custom laundry room storage solution makes the most of the available space and gets a handle on the typical family laundry mess, making the whole room a pleasant and desirable place to spend time. The laundry area includes a custom laundry room cabinet with hidden ironing board and shelves for storage, a hanging rod over the sink for drip dry items, a sink with sink cabinet, pull-out shelves and storage in the lower cabinets, overhead cabinet doors for easy access, under cabinet LED lighting, a hidden pull-out folding table, a lot of countertop space and more! *Source: The Wall Street Journal

Sliding cabinet for laundry doors on custom laundry cabinetry
Sliding Cabinet Doors
Awning style overhead doors flip up for easy access on custom laundry cabinets
Awning Style Overhead Doors
pull out shelves in custom cabinet for laundry
Pull-Out Shelves
pull out baskets in custom laundry cabinet for sorting laundry
Pull-Out Baskets
Cabinet for laundry stores fold out Ironing board, broom stick organizer and shelves for storage
Fold Out Ironing Board
modern laundry room design with custom storage cabinets and pull-out accessories
This Laundry Room Even Makes Ironing Clothes a Pleasant Chore
drawer clothes drying rack
Built-in clothes drying rack looks like a drawer when closed

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