Modern Laundry Room Design: Custom Laundry Cabinets & Shelving for Basement

modern laundry room in basement
This laundry room has been designed to perfection with custom shelving, cabinetry, sliding doors, spacious counterspace, and a custom sink cabinet. The goal was to keep the space modern, relaxing, and even fun — a word not usually associated with laundry.

Basement Laundry Room Remodel into Modern Laundry Room Design

The clients live in an older suburban home with a laundry area in the basement. This space was equipped with a standard utility sink and a washer and dryer, but the customer wanted better storage and a nicer look to the area. Closet Works was able to provide a space that could laundry into something effortless and enjoyable by maximizing the room’s storage potential, efficiency, and functionality all the while looking light-hearted and beautiful.

We concentrated on creating a bright and cheery space with abundant shelving and cabinets for storage. Upper and lower shelving wrap around the corner of the room for maximum room to place detergents and other laundry things. A long countertop wraps the biggest wall, providing abundant space for folding and organizing clothing — as in your very own laundromat. The old utility sink was replaced by a new sink with custom cabinet. We stuck with a simple white and gray palette that made the client’s red appliances pop, focusing attention on that bright and happy color.

Challenges for this project included working in a basement with low ceilings and lots of exposed ductwork. Large air vents for the home’s HVAC system were hanging from the ceiling, restricting access to some of the walls. We optimized the space and worked around the ductwork in the ceiling by using sliding doors on the cabinets above the appliances. We built a floor mounted system with a large work surface. Sliding doors were used on the cabinets to provide better accessibility in some areas, allowing the installation of cabinets with doors behind the HVAC ductwork. Standard doors would not have been able to open without hitting the ducts.

Modern Laundry Room Detail Views

suspended laundry room cabinets
Suspended upper shelving with curved corners
lower cabinets for laundry room storage
Lower shelving for detergent
laundry room is maximixed for storage and organization
Corner has been maximized for storage
curved corners in modern laundry room design
Curved corners and wrapping countertop
suspended shelving unit for laundry room storage
Suspended upper shelving unit
bright and cheery laundry room makeover
Laundry room has effortless look
laundry room connected to pantry
Laundry room is connected to pantry
pantry entrance with beaded door
Creative pantry entrance
custom sink cabinet for laundry room design
Laundry room design allows washer & dryer to pop
custom sink cabinet built for modern laundry room
Custom sink cabinet

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