Bing Custom Laundry Storage System in Clean White

Laundry Organization System in Clean White

Project Description

Laundry is generally one of the most hated chores for most people, yet it is one of life's most essential domestic tasks. This custom laundry room storage solution gets a handle on the typical family laundry mess and makes the whole room a pleasant and desirable place to spend time. The simple white finish adds a clean, bright appearance, while pull-out baskets allow the darks to be separated from the lights. Upper cabinets and a hanging rod add functional storage, and a fold-out ironing board makes the least favorite part of doing the laundry as easy as possible. A system like this can make a big difference in streamlining family laundry chores.

Custom laundry room storage for efficient and functional space
Can you imagine wanting to show off your laundry? You just might if you had a space like this!

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Fold-out ironing board for laundry room
Pull-Out Ironing Board