Home Office Design Solutions: Solving Wire Management Through Custom Cabinetry

home office design with custom wire management
Home office desk and wall unit for storage with a custom designed, cabinetry style office wire management solution that includes cable management behind a shallow set of closed doors.

A Custom Solution to Wire Management Without Using Wire Covers

Taming the cords is a top tech challenge for most offices, whether home or business. Despite advances in wireless technology and a tendency to want to ignore them, the cords are a fact of life in the real world today — lots and lots (and lots) of cords. Cable management systems can be installed at any time and there are many after market products, but the best solution to office wire management is to design it right into the home office organization system with a shallow custom cabinet under the desk as in this example. The majority of home offices, whether they occupy a full room or just a corner of some shared space, are equipped with a large number of electronics like printers, scanners, monitors and more — all of which come with a set or cords. Instead of just letting them snake around the room, getting tangled in the owners feet and becoming a hazard to small children and adults alike, Closet Works designed a custom cabinet to be a part of the desk in order to conceal all the wires. A grommet in the desk countertop allows the cord from the computer, printer and desk lamp to be fed directly into the cable management box from the desktop.

This efficient home office system includes custom cabinetry above the desk for office storage with LED puck lights under the cabinets for task lighting while working at the desk. The lights are operated by remote control and can be turned off or on, as well as dimmed, anywhere in the room.

Custom Details:

Home Office Cabinet With Built In Cable Management: Key to Effective Home Office Design

Wire management uses a custom home office cabinet under desk as wire covers
Custom office wire management opens for easy access
home office cabinet under desk hides cable management without wire covers
Custom office wire management concealed behind closed doors