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Work from home office with custom built-in storage to inspire creativity
Work from home office with custom built-in storage to inspire creativity.

Work-From-Home Office and Storage Solutions

With so much time spent working from home, the need for a home office where one can feel inspired and be productive is greater than ever before. Generally speaking, the new home office must be a bright and cheerful space that makes one feel open to exploring new ideas. Rather than isolating the owner away from the rest of the house, there is a shift towards home offices that allow for quiet concentration while also maintaining availability for school-age children. Good lighting is a hallmark of good home office design. A home workspace should reflect the owner's personality. This office does just that and provides space for personal treasures and mementos as well.

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Because this room is narrow and not that large, Closet Works designed the storage in such a manner that it looks like it is floating in the room. This visually helps keep the space open and uncluttered. Anything heavy that would weigh the space down is avoided. The main wall unit, and focal point of the space, is located on the right as you enter. It is composed of upper and lower storage sections. The lower “credenza” includes deep file drawers on the sides. A cabinet with a pull-out shelf to hold the printer and other supplies sits in the center. Open shelving flanks the printer cabinet. The upper storage consists of two shelving towers with glass shelves connected by an upper light bridge. There’s space for a TV to be mounted on the wall between the two shelving sections. The opposite wall is comprised of a system of shelves that span the space above the chair and desk in an open, dynamic, stair-step pattern that leads the eye from the window down to the chair. All display shelves are lit with LED strip lights. A cabinet with a flip-up door anchors the base of these shelves. They provide plenty of room for the client’s inspirational mementos in addition to storage for small electronics, papers, etc.

Home office built-in storage center
This built-in, custom storage and media center for the home office features cabinets and drawers in a modern, two-tone finish. Open shelves are glass to visually lighten the appearance and present an open look. An upper light bridge illuminates the workspace and also conceals the suspension rail that supports the storage system.
home office shelves
This opposite wall needed to provide additional shelving while also allowing room for the owner's treasured glass drafting table and favorite reading chair. Empty space for headroom was needed above the desk and chair. These requirements, along with the narrow footprint of the room, meant that the storage components couldn’t extend to the floor. The system of shelves spans the wall above the chair and desk without compromising the ergonomic requirements needed for a comfortable workspace.

Home Office Built-Ins Construction, Materials, & Accessories:

Home office with drafting table and shelves
These home office storage shelves are designed around the owner's treasured glass drafting table. cube style shelves, cabinet, and a reading nook.

Work-From-Home Office Details & Close-Ups:

Home office file drawer
Home office file drawer.
Home office cabinet with flip-up door
Home office cabinet with flip-up door.
Home office cabinet with pull-out printer shelf
Home office cabinet includes a pull-out printer shelf.
Home office window treatment
Home office with custom window treatment from Hunter Douglas.

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