Custom Home Office Corner Desks In Chicago

home office with corner shelves and custom corner desk
Corner desk with angled desktop provides a comfortable work space with a big work surface.
Corner home office desk
Deep lower cabinet stores extra office equipment with shelves above for books and memorabilia.
Corner home office desk with matching locking cabinet
Five drawer cabinet stores tools of the trade, with a lock on the top drawer to secure valuable or private materials.

Tiny Space is Maximized with Corner Home Office Desk, Shelves & Cabinets

Closet Works is the go-to resource for a custom corner desk in Chicago. Even a tiny room can do double duty as a home office when all the space is maximized to its fullest potential! Take for example a project we recently completed for one of our customers.

Most of the space in this room was taken up by a large sofa. However, it presented several small nooks that could be maximized for office storage and functionality. The largest area — an empty corner, was utilized for the desk and main work surface. A custom-built corner desk provides the largest work surface for this type of space. The desktop was further enlarged by angling the cut across the corner. Angled countertops, desktops and shelves can create a highly functional space in a number of ways. The chiseled edges of this custom L-shaped desk ease opening and closing a door — leaving plenty of leeway not to crash into any corners. The corner shelves are also a safer option to eliminate the hazard of running into sharp edges. This custom-made corner desk solution easily provides the required 42 inches of space needed for desk seating along with abundant countertop space for spreading out papers and work materials. As a whole, less becomes more when the unit is visually condensed to appear less massive. The bookshelf wall unit, in the corner next to the sofa, retains necessary storage space for a home office while not overwhelming the room. Spacious shelves on this home office corner desk allow large books such as reference materials to be safely kept in one place. A five drawer cabinet with locking drawers was tucked into the small corner behind the door to provide additional countertop space that can be used for a printer, scanner or other office equipment, with a place to store tools and secure private items away from prying eyes underneath. This tiny home office and custom-made L-shaped desk has been customized to the owner's body type and needs — creating the perfect dimensions for an effective personal workspace. A white, "Winter Fun!" wood tone material for the body of the home office system with contrasting countertops in gray "Moonlight" laminate was selected to compliment the gray sofa with white piping that dominates the room, and blends with the rest of the home's décor.

Custom Corner Desk, Cabinets and Shelving Construction Details: