Bing Home Office with Hidden Desk/Foldaway Desk and Wall Unit

Home Office/Wall Unit with Hidden Desk

Home Office Cabinets With Built-In Foldaway Desk

This wall unit and custom home office desk design is masterfully crafted for optimal work productivity. The custom design of the desk/wall unit incorporates our signature Closet Works foldaway desk to provide the largest work area within the smallest footprint possible. The hidden desk folds out to increase counterspace when needed, creating an efficient "L" shaped work area. Custom LED strip lighting above the desk area provides the workspace with optimal task lighting and ideal working conditions. A separate wall unit on an opposing wall allows for additional storage of office materials and even offers a wide space to hold a large television. The resulting home office space can be used for a well-deserved break time, or even function as the home's main family room or guest room since the desk can be hidden away during non-working hours, creating a large area suitable for many functions.

Custom Home Office Desk Construction Details:

Hidden Desk Built Into Home Office Wall Unit

Home office design with hidden desk folded away
Hidden desk folded away
Foldaway desk expands to increase workspace
Hidden desk expands to increase workspace
Custom home office desk cabinets and storage
Custom cabinets and pull-out shelves
Custom home office desk lighting and storage with foldaway desk
Custom office storage and hidden desk open
Custom guest room wall unit with smoked glass flip-down doors
Custom wall unit with glass cabinet flip-down doors
Wall unit storage system complements the custom home office desk
Wall unit storage with cabinets open