Garage Cabinet System: Wall-Mounted Garage Storage Cabinets

Remodelled garage with custom wall-mounted garage storage cabinets
The high point of this remodeled garage is the new garage cabinet system featuring wall-mounted garage storage cabinets.

High-end garage remodel with custom garage cabinet system.

If your garage is an obstacle course or there's no room for the car, it may be time for a change. At least, that's what these homeowners thought when they decided to redo their existing three-car attached garage. The space was adequate, but it needed better organization. Closet Works came up with a plan that encompassed their storage needs. It included a workbench backed with slatwall for those messy "fix-it" projects, overhead bike hoists to free up floor space, and a wall of heavy-duty, garage-grade cabinets to keep the rest organized but out-of-sight. The new garage is also easy to keep clean because the cabinets are mounted to the wall using a cleat system. That means no legs to get in the way of a mop or broom.

Garage interior with cabinets and overhead bicycle storage
The left side of the garage storage system is all about providing space for fun, family activities. Tall cabinets hold all sorts of sporting goods and toys. Smaller upper cabinets are used for seasonal items. Bike hoists keep the kids' bikes off the floor. Their easy-to-use design means children aged middle school and up can put their own bikes away.
Garage grade cabinets with white interior shelves and backing
Garage-grade cabinets come with sturdy, one-inch-thick white interior shelves and 3/4-inch white backing. They are mounted off-the-floor using cleats and feature double panel construction with full overlay doors and drawers. Maximum width of each cabinet section is 48-inches.

Use wall-mounted garage storage cabinets and bicycle hoists for complete garage organization.

The backbone of any garage remodel is a garage cabinet system to get everything up, off the floor and into its own, dedicated storage space. A series of custom, wall-mounted garage storage cabinets were selected to corral most of the clutter. One tall cabinet holds yard tools like rakes and shovels. Another is filled with shelves for fertilizers, potting soil, and other garden supplies. A third provides a place for general automotive supplies like windshield washer solvent, ice scrapers, and more. Additional cabinets to left of the door keep sporting goods and toys under control.

A garage workbench just to the right of the door. Two lower cabinets and ten drawers provide storage for a power drill, sander, portable Skilsaw®, and numerous hand tools. All drawers have wood, dovetailed drawer boxes with soft-close, under-mount slides, and are rated to hold 100 pounds. Cabinet doors are also soft-close. The workbench area is backed with a PVC slatwall system that allows small hand tools to be hung from the wall. More supplies are kept in the cabinets over the workbench.

Additional cabinets sit above all the tall base cabinets. These uppers are just as deep as the larger units below. They provide storage for seasonal decorations and other household items that are less frequently used.

Three bicycle hoists keep the kids bikes off the floor when they're not riding them. These easy-to-use bike racks mean there is always room to park a car (or ride a bike) underneath.

An industrial grade polyurea floor coating completes this garage makeover.

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