Tall Garage Storage Cabinets & More!

Garage makeover with tall garage storage cabinets
Garage grade storage doesn't have to be cold or industrial. These tall garage storage cabinets with workbench and TV viewing area turn a storage area into an inviting living space. Even the refrigerator receives matching panels to rival any interior rec room or hobby space.

Garage makeover with industrial garage grade storage for a car hobbyist.

If you're an auto enthusiast, you probably spend a lot of time in your garage. It may even be your favorite place to hang out. That's why garages should be for people, not just cars. So why not make the garage as nice as the rest of the home? You deserve the best. That's certainly the way this car hobbyist felt when he decided to makeover his garage with brand new storage and flooring. The garage remodel included a workbench with space for a wall mounted TV over the countertop. It is surrounded by two cabinets with tempered glass doors and glass display shelves for his remote-control race car collection. More shelving in the form of extra deep and tall garage storage cabinets flank both sides of a spare refrigerator, giving it a built-in look. The matching refrigerator panels further the aesthetic, enhancing the overall integration of living and traditional garage space.

Garage grade cabinets with TV area, workbench, and glass covered hobby storage
Garage grade cabinets with TV area and workbench. Glass covered display cabinets on either side house remote-control cars for the adult model race car hobbyist. A FLEXCore™ professional polyurea concrete floor coating makes the garage as nice as any indoor rec room.

Why tall garage storage cabinets?

Standard 20-inch-deep garage grade cabinets built to 90-1/4-inches height form the core of this storage system. A workbench with eleven drawers in the base cabinet organizes hand tools. Above the workbench is a countertop and space for a good size television, blurring the distinction between garage and living area. Upper cabinets above the workbench provide more opportunities for organization. Further down the same wall is a spare refrigerator for drinks and snacks with more storage. The owner wanted a built-in look surrounding this extra refrigerator. To achieve this, Closet Works surrounded it with two tall garage storage cabinets 28-inches deep to meet the depth of the refrigerator. Small legs under the front of these cabinets ensure the extra weight they might hold due to the extra depth remains stable and strong.

The result is a lot of storage provided by this garage. The owner can keep tools to tune-up his cars, display his remote-control model race cars, watch TV, keep snacks and beverages cold and ready, plus have room for all the lawn care accessories and sports equipment that typically dominates most garages. There's a lot in there but because its organized and covered, the look is clean and open. An industrial grade polyurea floor coating completes this garage makeover.

Tall Garage Storage Cabinets Construction, Materials, & Accessories:

Garage Makeover Details:

full view of garage makeover with lift
Full view of garage makeover with lift.
Tall garage storage cabinets and refrigerator with matching panels
Tall garage storage cabinets and refrigerator with matching panels.

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