Custom Garage Storage with Cabinets, Shelving & Garage Benches for Functionality

Get organized with these ideas for garage storage with garage benches.

Custom  cabinetry with pull-outs and garage benches to organize toys and sports equipment
This system was installed against a side wall rather than the back of the garage. The beauty of a custom garage storage system like this one is that it can be designed according to the unique space and needs of each home, whether your garage is long with extra room in the front or wide with more room along the side wall.

This custom garage cabinetry and organization system includes vertical cabinets with doors to keep fertilzers and chemicals away from children and out of sight from curious eyes. Between the two cabinets is a pull-out shlelf installed flush to the floor of the system. This is perfect for organizing oversize toys and larger sports equipment like skate boards. Lower shelving units are easy for children to use, ensuring that it is easy for younger family members to put things away. Eight pull-out baskets were included as the best solution for storing balls — whether basketball, sofball, baseball, soccerball, football, beachball, tether ball, tennis ball or any other type of ball that might appear in this family's arsenal. Smaller balls go on top in the shallower baskets and larger balls fit in the bottom pull-out baskets. The cabinets that hold the balls were custom designed to fit around the windows, and the height is perfect for the kids to use as a bench when they need to sit down and put on roller blades or other equipment.

Garage Storage Detail Views:

Custom garage benches and cabinetry with shelving units and pull-out baskets
Garage pull-out shelf organizes toys and large items
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