Bing Garage Organization System Customized for Gardening Storage

Garage Organization for an Avid Gardener

Project Description

Even though the overall available space is small in this garage, the amount of provided storage is quite large through the judicious use of organizational components. This design offers orderly storage for all the paraphanelia that accumulates when gardening is a favorite hobby, while still providing room for toys, balls, automotive parts and other items that call the garage home. Important gardening tools are kept conveniently ready to hand with the Omni Track® wall system, and the custom design even manages to incorporate a small potting bench that fuels this homeowners passion for plants. Pull-out shelves are kept low so that young children can access their balls and toys, while fertilizers, chemicals and sharp tools are stored on higher shelves or behind closed doors that are out of reach of little fingers.

  • Color: Moonlight laminate
  • Slab style drawer fronts and Shaker Mission style cabinet doors
  • Infinity style brushed chrome handles compliment the aluminum Omni Track® wall organization system
  • Pull-out shelves
  • Butcher block countertop on potting bench
  • Omni Track® paper organizer
  • Omni Track® hose hook
  • Omni Track® storage bins
  • Omni Track® 16" utility hook
  • Omni Track® standard utility hook holds the broom
  • Omni Track® garden tool hook
  • Aluminum edge for wall track over potting bench
  • Screwdriver hook, wrench hook, plier hook and hand tool hook
Custom garage organization system with storage for an for avid gardener

Detail Views

pull-out shelves to organize smaller items
Omni Track wall system keeps garden tools out of reach of small children