Passing the Taste Test: Wine Tasting Center & Office with Custom Wine Bar Cabinets

Wine Bar Cabinets for Commercial Application

If you’re a liquor store in a competitive market, hosting wine and spirit tastings is a great way to bring new customers in the door and introduce them to new products. Turning those who try into those who consistently buy is every business owners’ goal. Creating a wine bar within the store to not only host planned events, but also as a way to close the sale via a taste and a toast is one way to accomplish this.

This business requested a wine bar with a wine cabinet and and office area to handle the sampling of various wines and craft beers. Different wines are featured on tap during the week, drawing in customers for planned events that are publicized on the company website and social media pages. Additionally, craft beers and hard liquor is also served. We created a 30 foot square bar/island with a raised office area in the center to meet this challenge.

The goal of this project was to be able to host tastings of different beverages sold at the store — including everything from wines to local craft beers and spirits — while in a comfortable setting amidst a family owned liquor business. We achieved this goal by creating an outer bar that was carefully engineered to showcase faux stone and authentic whiskey barrels discovered in storage. The barrels were stained to coordinate with the Milk Chocolate color floor-based laminate system and displayed on hand routed corner shelves built into the outer bar. The purpose of this outer bar is two fold. It both serves customers and also contains a wine cabinet that conceals storage of various glassware, snacks, office supplies and additional spirits under a coordinating laminate countertop. A pull-out shelf hidden behind a false drawer front allows for convenient laptop use to take orders during tastings.

The middle bar hosts several key components, including the 16 bottle wine Cruvenit. This wine dispenser was in storage for years at the shop and became our focal point. After staining the exterior to match our laminate, it was set into the middle bar as a custom built-in wine cabinet. Additional challenges included designing the cabinets to meet the special ventilation needs of the Cruvenit temperature control system that allow it to keep wine fresh for six weeks, eliminating spoilage. The end result, however, was well worth the effort as it anchors the entire design.  Just around the corner from this gorgeous piece is the carefully hidden Kegorator. We needed to add special insulation and engineering to the Kegerator cabinet to ensure that only beer with perfect froth dispenses from the tap of this beverage cooler. The remaining lower wine cabinets of the middle bar satisfy the storage needs that come with having a commercial wine bar. Lastly, the middle bar also includes a glass shelving area with LED lights to showcase anything from spirits to wine to glassware, depending on the event.


A raised office area was constructed in the in the heart of the wine bar. It allows employees to be involved in all of the day to day activities of the company while the computers, paperwork and files that go with running any kind of business venture remain hidden from view. The goal of this inner office was to build a comfortable work station on a raised platform that could sit two-three people in a concealed manner — employees can see out, but customers cannot see in.  This inner office uses the same laminate as the bar, blending everything together harmoniously. Additional storage is included below the raised platform, adding functionality.

custom wine cabinet design for liquor store
Barrels were housed in hand routed corner shelves with the same curvature of the body. Support beams in the office area were covered in a laminate to match the overall aesthetic.
wine tasting center with custom faux stone and whiskey barrels
Corners of the bar have been clipped for safety and as a budget-friendly solution for a custom modern edge.

Wine Cabinet Details

custom wine tasting center and wine bar cabinets for beer and wine store
The middle bar has a wine Cruvenit & custom cabinetry
middle bar of wine tasting center for beer and wine store
The center wine Cruvenit for tasting
custom hand routed shelves for barrels in beer and wine store
Barrels are housed on custom hand routed shelves
Custom pull-out shelf for placing a laptop or ipad for purchases
Custom pull-out shelf to place a laptop for purchases

custom barrels and faux stone for beer and wine store decor
Barrels and custom faux stone
custom glass shelves and led lighting for beer and wine store
Custom glass shelves to display fragile bottles
custom lighting and wine bar cabinets designs for a beer and wine store
Spacious custom 1" HPL countertop, custom lighting and cabinetry
custom wine cabinet design for beer and wine store
Custom cabinetry
custom countertop for snacks and register in a beer and wine store
Spacious countertop for snacks and more
Custom wine bar cabinets to store a kegarator in beer and wine store
Custom cabinetry to store the kegarator
custom office design in beer and wine store
Elevated platform for office space
custom laminate covered column to blend with decor of beer and wine store
Column is covered in laminate to blend with the rest of the design
custom office cabinets
Custom office cabinets
clipped countertop corners
Clipped countertop corners

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