Tutoring Center Bathroom & Office Cabinets: Minimalist Design

Simple Design Makes a Bold Statement

Adhering to the very modern and industrial aesthetic of the entire commercial space, Closet Works created these bathroom and office cabinets keeping in mind the beauty and power of simplicity with a minimalistic approach. The cabinets are constructed in a Vintage laminate, a color option that catches your eye with its artistic, textured graining. Paired with the static lines of the hardware, the dark cabinets create a bold, yet unpretentious fashion statement that allows the colorful and dynamic decor of the space to stand out. The original structure of the bathroom wall presented a design challenge where an alcove was available for the storage cabinets, but drywall protruded below (where you see the toilet paper and bar). The storage cabinets were fit perfectly into the recessed alcove and a panel was placed over the protruding wall to make the unit look unified. The office supply cabinets follow suit with the appearance of the bathroom cabinets but are a bit more involved — offering cubbies for paperwork, pull-out pantry shelves for office supplies, and a compartmentalized file drawer.

bathroom cabinets designed for commercial space
View of bathroom cabinets from lobby

Minimalist Cabinets Details

bathroom cabinets with minimalist look for business
Vintage bathroom cabinets with a modern and minimalist look
bathroom cabinets offer storage for cleaning products
Bathroom cabinets offer storage for cleaning supplies and toiletries
modernist bathroom cabinets
A panel was placed below the cabinets, creating one complete unit
minimalist bathroom cabinets offer maximum storage
Minimalist design offers maximum storage
office cabinets designed for office supplies
Custom office cabinets
custom office cabinets open displaying cubbies and pull outs
Cabinets provided storage space for all supplies and paperwork
modern office cabinets
The dark cabinets allowed the colorful artwork to stand out
office cabinets with cubbies and pull out shelves
The cabinets have a simple outer aesthetic but have cubbies and pull-outs on the inside
custom paper organizer cubbies for office cabinets
Cubbies to organize important paperwork
custom file drawer for office cabinets
File drawer
pull out pantry shelves used to organize office supplies
Pull-out shelf for office supplies

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