Custom Library Shelves In Chicago, IL

Built-In Library Shelving to Organize Your Collection

The larger your library, the more you need storage! With solutions such as a built-in bookcase, school library bookshelves and other custom options, you gain room to organize many books. Enjoy being able to locate exactly the title you need when it’s on your mind. Understand, at a glance, what’s in your collection and where to find it. Good library organization solutions make it possible to display, store and reference your books easily and efficiently.

At Closet Works, we have extensive experience creating the kind of library wall bookcase and/or shelving options that maximize a space and make organization easier. Come to us for a custom shelving unit that runs around windows and up to the ceiling — intended to expand storage on all sides of the room and allow for more materials to be kept in the main library room rather than the stacks, available for browsing via a step ladder. Ask about creating built-in library bookshelves and built-in desks to suit your room. We can even create counter areas for pamphlets, open space for mounting monitors or digital signage and specialized shelving for oversized tomes.

In order to make your library as beautiful as it is functional, we have a variety of design options. These include, for example, a beautiful dark Libretti finish that complements black legs on work stations and desks. Panels can be full bore, allowing shelves to be moved and repositioned as needed. Traditional crown and base moulding are other custom touches to make a shelving unit feature an old-world traditional feeling. To learn more about creating a custom library in your space, request an appointment or browse other projects in our online catalog today!

Library Shelves Construction Details:

public library shelving unit view with front wall, countertop and media center
Front view of library shelving unit
public library shelving unit view with rear wall and built-in desk area
Rear view including integrated desk

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