Custom Retail Shelving In Chicago

A Full Range of Custom Display Fixtures to Suit Your Space

Display systems for a retail clothing business
Clothing store check-out counter with custom retail shelving and hanging areas.

In the world of retail, it’s hard to overstate the importance of organization and accessibility. Before anyone’s going to buy your products, those products need to be attractively displayed, stored and put within reach. You want visitors to be enticed to make purchases through custom point-of-sale displays that capitalize on product features and selling points — and your store has a particular size and layout in which to do it. This is where our custom retail shelving in Chicago comes into play.

As the go-to resource for custom closets and organizers, Closet Works offers a variety of products perfect for displays. Create storage behind and below custom retail counters. Use a wall unit storage system for folded items such as jeans and sweaters. Whether you need built-in clothing hanging racks with shelves above them or are looking for the long horizontal lines of custom clothing racks in the central portion of your store, we can help. Our custom retail display cases include large wall unit shelving for folded items, two-tier countertops for adding efficiency to the checkout process and more. Plus, our solutions not only add organization, but also aesthetics. You can customize your displays in beautiful finishes, with sleek door and drawer fronts that create a custom-furniture feel.

To learn more about the custom retail storage options we offer, reach out to us anytime. Talk to our designers about creating the perfect store organization for you!

Custom Retail Shelving Construction Details:

Detail Views of the Retail Display Fixtures

Custom display fixtures for retail clothing display with sweater shelf
Custom display fixtures include this retail display for hanging clothing.
Retail clothing store drawers and storage behind check-out counter
Retail clothing store check-out counter storage solution.
Custom retail shelving for a clothing store
Display solutions include this custom retail shelving for a clothing store.

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