Car Key Management for Auto Dealership

Project Description

How do you keep all the car keys at an automobile dealership easy for sales people and service personnel to locate, yet secure? This custom key management system from Closet Works offers the perfect solution, ensuring accessible, organized, yet guarded access to the vehicle keys. The outer cabinet, designed in a beautiful woodtone with solid dark gray sides blends perfectly with the upscale dealership decor, allowing the attractive cabinet to be placed on the showroom floor where it is mounted at just the right height for convenient access by all the sales people. Closet Works also researched specialized punch locks for the exterior of the doors to ensure that only authorized employees can remove keys.

The interior of the cabinet is outfitted using the Omni Track walltrack system and components. Aluminum walltrack is customized to fit and installed across the back panel. Vertical edge pieces provide a finished look. Sixty five wrench hooks, each holding two sets of keys, hook into the walltrack and keep all the keys labelled and organized — instantly allowing users to know which vehicles are available for a test drive while keeping the keys separated, each with it's own special place.

  • Cabinet color: Slate panels and box with Sienna Apple doors and fascia
  • Contempo style door fronts
  • Brushed chrome round knobs
  • Omni Track aluminum walltrack across interior back panel
  • Aluminum vertical edge for Omni Track walltrack
  • 65 Omni Track wrench hooks for holding the keys
Key cabinet for car dealership
This large key cabinet was designed for an auto dealership as a custom key management system and holds 168 sets of car keys. It enables the dealership to track car key activity, reduce unauthorized access, and cut down on the misplacement of keys.

Detail Views

key cabinet for car dealership with wood front and black laminate side panels
custom key cabinet and key organization system using Omni Track aluminum wall track and small tool hooks
Omni Track aluminum wall track with small wrench hook is great for organizing keys

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