Closet Organizers: Evanston

A lack of closet space, or unruly closets, can turn a happy home into a place of frustration. If your closets are bulging and difficult to keep organized, you may be in need of good closet organizers. Closet Works is here to help you. We proudly serve Evanston, Illinois, and it is our mission to help you organize. Our Evanston closet organizers can turn small closet spaces into bastions of order, and turn larger closets into powerful comfort zones.

Closet Space for Your Enjoyment

Our Evanston closet organizers will evaluate your closet space and will offer design solutions to bring not only a new level of orderliness, but comfort and beauty as well. Yes, closets can and should be enjoyable. Closet Works focuses on optimizing existing closet space, allowing you to more fully enjoy your area. Banish the clutter from your life, and make space for so much more in your custom designed closet.

Closet Organizers for Simplicity

Banish the days of endless clutter and personal storage issues. Achieve a new level of closet organization in your Evanston, Illinois home and make life a little simpler. It's an oft-told mantra – 'simplify'. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place for everything, with everything in its place? To simplify your closets and overall storage needs? Evanston closet organizers exist for this very reason, to help you organize your closet space. Let Closet Works help you.

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Call Closet Works for an appointment or stop in at your nearest Container Store!

Great news! On December 30, 2021, Closet Works became a proud part of The Container Store family. After focusing solely on creating custom spaces in Chicago for 35 years, we’re thrilled to gain a national presence. Not only will you be able to shop our custom solutions nationwide, including all models of the 360 Organizer®, but you’ll also discover many more clever storage solutions and in-home services available from The Container Store. It’s truly an exciting time for both our organization and our clients!

Closet Works high-quality closets and storage systems are now available at every Container Store and are branded as the Preston line of closet accessories! If you're tired of disorganization and closet clutter, contact us today. There are currently a couple of ways to get started with one of our custom systems. Call Closet Works direct at 800-425-6738 or make an appointment online for your free in-home consultation with one of our professional designers. You can also visit your closest Container Store and talk to any of the friendly and knowledgeable staff. It's easy. Why not start making the most of your closet space today?