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Closet Blog: The Many Benefits of a Murphy Bed System

Closet Works wall bed project with murphy style wall bed closed

Closet Works wall bed project with murphy style wall bed closed

Closet Works wall bed project with murphy style wall bed open

Wonderful Wallbed

Working in an urban setting where space is quite the commodity, most rooms do double duty in terms of function.

And one of the most popular "double duty" purposes is putting in a murphy bed/wallbed so a room can be used as an office or den — but then accomodate guests when they visit.

Award winning team member Sue Trainor worked on a really special one.

My goal on this project was to design a queen wall bed for a small townhouse in Chicago. The home did not have an extra guest bedroom so we needed to create this space in their family room for overnite guests says Trainor.

With that in mind, the colors needed to work with the decor in the room — light maple floor with dark brown contemporary furniture.

My client wanted a mix of four color combinations; cocoa, maple, alloy silver and white says Trainor. She also designed space for some hanging, drawers and a light bridge across the top.

And additonal design element that adds a lot of interest is that the unit has three depths. The far left cabinet is 25 inches deep to accommodate hanging, the center murphy bed/wallbed is 21 inches deep and the far right section needed to be 12 inches deep so as not to block the window.

We hid the electrical chords with a back panel that was set forward. There are flip up doors above the bed and 1-1/2 inch thick floating shelves on the right — all of which give this highly functional piece a really high level of beauty.

As Trainor puts it, The unit looks great in the room and my client was really happy with the end result. It's not always easy to pick color combinations that work well together but this was perfect.

Don't you agree?

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