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Organize with Pull-Out Wire Baskets

pantry with wire baskets

Pull-out wire baskets are slide out organizers used in pantries, bedroom closets, mudrooms, and more. They mount inside a cabinet or closet and function in a similar manner to drawers. However, depending on circumstances, baskets may be a better choice than standard closet drawers. Learn when to use a basket over a drawer and increase your home's organization with these tips.

Closet wire baskets that slide out like a drawer are often overlooked as an essential home organizer. But the benefits they offer to your home's organization can be enormous. The humble pull-out wire basket is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, comes in many sizes, and allows air to circulate around the items stored within. Various liners in canvas or plastic are available as a basket accessory to prevent items falling through the wire slats. In many ways, pull-out wire baskets can't be beat for storage and organization in your closet, pantry, or mudroom. Take a look at these uses and you're certain to be convinced of the need for pull-out wire baskets in your own home.

7 Ways to Organize with Pull-Out Wire Baskets:

  1. Store fruit or root vegetables in the pantry.

    Root vegetable like potatoes and onions, and many fruits as well, should not be stored in the refrigerator. Yet, very few of us have a root cellar for storing these produce items. We end up keeping them in the kitchen, but also no one wants numerous bowls of potatoes and onions covering their kitchen countertops. Wire baskets excel at storing this type of foodstuff. The openness of the wire allows for even air flow around the food and prevents mold. The pull-out variety are better than a traditional basket/container because there is no shelf directly under the basket to prevent air from circulating under the produce. There is always a little space, even when the basket is mounted above your bottom shelf.
    pull-out wire basket for pantry with root vegetables
    These sturdy wire baskets mount on sliders attached to the cabinet/closet side panels. They allow for good air circulation around the root vegetables and are convenient because they slide in and out like drawers.
  2. Prevent delicate chips, bread, or cookies getting smashed.

    No one likes smashed bread or potatoe chip crumbs instead of full chips. Yet, these items are usually packaged in bags that provide little protection to their contents. What's more, the bags are often oversize and don't fit nicely in your cabinets or shelves. Store these food stuffs in pull-out wire baskets. The sliding mechanism makes sure the food items are put away neatly but are easily accessible when needed. And they won't get smashed from sitting in the back of a cabinet with canned goods pressed into them.
    pull-out wire basket for pantry with bags of chips
    These pull-out wire baskets protect and store with bags of chips, bread, rice, and more in this pantry.
  3. In the mudroom for wet mittens and scarves.

    When the kids come in after playing in the snow, they need a place to put their wet mittens so that they dry. You can put them on top of a heating vent somewhere in the home, but that separates the gloves from the rest of the outerwear which is probably hung near the back door. Use shallow pull-out baskets inside a mudroom organization locker for the mittens instead. Coats and jackets get hung from hooks in the locker, while pull-out baskets store small items like mittens and gloves. The openness of the pull-out wire baskets ensure that the mittens have a chance to dry out before their next wearing. That way nothing gets separated and everything is ready to use the next time the kids go out.
    Pull-out wire baskets for mudroom organizer with drying mittens
    Pull-out wire baskets are great organizers for the mudroom. Keep drying mittens close to jackets boots and shoes so nothing gets lost.
  4. In the garage for balls, toys, and sports gear.

    Every kid has some variety of ball, whether for general play or a specific sport. The problem with storing balls is that they don't like to stay put. They tend to roll out of cabinets and off shelves. Pull-out baskets are the best way to store balls in the garage — or anywhere for that matter. Use them for your kids' toys and your own sports equipment like miscellaneous golf balls, tennis balls, footballs, and more. They are also a great organizer for bicycle helmets, roller blades, and other sporting goods.
    Pull-out wire baskets for the garage with bike helmet and toys
    Sliding baskets make good organizers in the garage. They are especially useful for balls that might otherwise roll away, lightweight items like outdoor toys, and sports gear.
  5. Use as a built-in hamper for your bedroom closet.

    Everyone who purchases a new custom closet ends up loving their built-in hamper. It comes as a surprise to many, but once you have one, you'll never want to give it up. They're just too convenient and the best way to store dirty clothes until wash day. The best quality built-in hamper you can get for the least amount of money is the extra-large pull-out wire closet basket. There are other good quality built-in hampers, but they all cost a little more. Use a pull-out wire basket as a hamper when you want the convenience and luxury of a built-in hamper for your closet, but don't want to spend a lot on dirty clothes. But make sure to also buy the canvas liner. The removeable liner comes with handles that making the transport of your clothes to the washing machine ultra-simple. It is such an easy and economical solution; you may want to buy two so that you can sort your clothes as you remove them!
    Large pull-out wire baskets can be used as built-in hampers
    Large pull-out wire baskets can be used as built-in hampers. Use them in conjunction with a canvas basket liner like the one shown here so that it is easy transport dirty laundry to the washing machine.
  6. Organize the laundry room.

    Whether you use them as hampers for storing dirty clothes awaiting the wash or for organizing laundry sundries, pull-out baskets are a versatile and practical accessory for the laundry. I use them to store beach towels near my laundry tub/sink. The beach towels are necessary in the laundry room because that is where I wash my dog. It's super convenient to just pull one out at the end of the dog's bath. The laundry room is a good place to keep those oversize beach towels for the pool as well. And there's no better organizer for them than a sliding wire basket.
    Pull-out wire baskets can be used as laundry organizers
    Use baskets in the laundry room for dirty clothes, boxes of dryer sheets and other sundries, or even beach towels.
  7. Swap drawers for baskets when the budget is tight.

    Sliding closet baskets can be used instead of drawers when your budget is tight. This is especially true in the closet where built-in closet drawers can quickly escalate the price tag. The pull-out baskets have a similar function as drawers at a fraction of the cost. Use them for organizing underwear, socks, sweaters, and more at a fraction of the cost of a drawer. And they are easy to retrofit into an existing closet, whereas custom built drawers are not. But be sure to buy the liner so that small items don't fall through the wire slats.
    Closet with baby clothes stored in slide out baskets instead of drawers
    Infant's closet with pull-out baskets instead of drawers for storing tiny little shirts and baby blankets

Pull-out wire baskets are the unsung heroes of home organization.

Pull-out wire baskets are a practical and economical storage solution for many areas of the home. Their versatility in creating organized living should not be underestimated. Yet so few take full advantage of this wonderful closet organizer. They have many uses. Use them in the pantry and kitchen for produce that can't go into the refrigerator as well as bagged snacks. Put them near the back door in the mudroom as an organizer for gloves and mittens that can also serve as a drying rack. Keep your balls and toys from rolling all over the floor with pull-out wire baskets. Buy the big size and use it as a built-in hamper for you closet. Organize the laundry room and save money when you use a pull-out basket instead of a more expensive drawer to organize the small stuff.

If you know of more uses for pull-out wire baskets, post them here. We'd love to hear about your ideas on this important home organizer.