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Multifunctional TV Stands and Entertainment Center Design Tips

Watch TV from a custom designed floating entertainment center

With so many people confined to their homes for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for in-home entertainment solutions is increasing. TV stands and entertainment centers have once again become a focal point of family activity. Multipurpose storage is in demand. Is your media center furniture old and tired? If so, you're not alone. Many people are looking to upgrade with custom built-ins and multifunction pieces that will help them now and into the ever-changing future.

Want to Upgrade Your Old TV Stand to a New Multifunctional Built-In Entertainment Center? Here's What to Look for.

Thinking about upgrading your old TV stand and entertainment center? It's no wonder. With so many movie theaters and similar venues temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, more and more families are finding themselves gathered together in front of the TV. In-home movie subscriptions, like Netflix, and other stay-at-home entertainment options are on the rise. And with them, a desire for a better overall in-home entertainment experience. That includes upgrading not only the TV, but also the storage solution that hold it.

A true "entertainment center" should accommodate more than one type of entertainment. If you're going to invest in something new, get one that can house all the electronics, books, games, extra beverages, and even crafts for the kids in a single storage piece.

    7 Design Tips for Multifunctional Built-In Entertainment Centers

  1. Include a Large Area for the TV

    Television sets keep growing in size. Just a few years ago, an 80-inch TV was an unheard of extravagance. It's still somewhat of a luxury item, but more and more manufacturers are including this size set in their line-ups. That's because more and more people want them. Make sure your new entertainment center can accommodate your current and future needs. Leave a big space for the TV.
    Entertainment center with large 80-inch television set
    This entertainment center holds up to an 80-inch wide flat screen television. A lighted display case flanks either side of the TV. Drawers below hold DVDs, remote controls, board games, and other materials for entertainment. The center section below the TV holds media components and electronics for a home theater.

  2. Include a Built-In Desk

    Entertainment centers are not just about storage. They should be a center for all kinds of entertainment — hence the name. Whether for a hobby, craft, or some other project, many entertainment activities require a desk or table to sit at. Think about including one with your new wall unit/entertainment center. It's a way to add multipurpose functionality to your new wall unit. It also makes for a convenient work station when you need to work at home.
    Entertainment center with built-in desk for crafts
    Think about including a small built-in desk with your wall unit/entertainment center. This example has just such a desk built into the far-left side of the unit. It is used as a craft center for children and is located in the family room.

  3. Plenty of Cabinets, Drawers, and Shelves

    In addition to space for the TV and a built-in desk, the well-appointed entertainment center needs plenty of storage. This means cabinets, drawers, and, of course, shelves. A multipurpose entertainment center should be more than just a big TV stand. Make sure there is storage for books, board games, and any other type of activity that your family likes to entertain themselves with.
    Large built-in entertainment center with built-in desk and extra storage
    This wall unit is a total entertainment zone in and of itself. It's also a dream come true when it comes to storage and organization. In addition to space for the TV, it includes a built-in desk under the window and plenty of storage.

  4. Pull-out Tables or Countertops

    Even if you don't have room or don't want a built-in desk, you can still include a pull-out countertop that can function as a desk or table in a pinch. The ultimate in multipurpose functionality, this type of desk remains hidden most of the time but can be pulled out like a drawer when needed. Add one and you're sure to find good use for it. Some people will conceal an entire home office in a cabinet of the entertainment center and use a pull-out desk for work-at-home tasks, making it a combination work and entertainment.
    Pull-out desk adds functionality to entertainment center
    The computer and other office equipment hides away in the cabinet. When it's time to work, just pull out the hidden table, creating a comfortable desk and mini home office.

  5. Built-In Beverage Center

    You can include a built-in beverage area in your TV stand and entertainment center. After all, what's more entertaining than kicking back with a cold drink while you listen to music or watch a favorite movie with loved ones. Think about also including built-in lighting to highlight your glassware or other beverage accessories. All this in addition to storage for games, books and electronics. Make it truly a place to get entertained.
    Entertainment unit with beverage center
    This entertainment center includes a beverage refrigerator beneath the TV stand. A cabinet for glassware flanks on side, while cabinets and drawers fill out the rest of the storage needs.

  6. Room for a Fireplace

    An entertainment center that surrounds a fireplace is a amenity that is certain to add value to any home. But what if you don't have a fireplace? No problem. Add an electric fireplace into the middle of a built-in entertainment center. It's actually fairly simple to do. Modern electric fireplaces run on standard household current and are sold pre-assembled inside a large metal box. Simply allow space for the box (with access to an electrical outlet) in your entertainment center. When it comes to creating a custom wall unit, it's really no more difficult to build one for an electric fireplace than it is to build the box that holds the TV. There's no chimney and it doesn't have to be located on an outside wall. Snuggling up in front of the fire while watching a favorite show on the tele can be all yours. It's one of those home improvements that looks way more complicated and expensive than it actually is. If you've always wanted a fireplace, then go for it!
    Entertainment center with electric fireplace
    If you've always wanted a fireplace, then build an entertainment center like this one. It has a modern floating look without sacrificing storage. Drawers and cabinets along the floor provide plenty of room for electronics and games. There's space for a large TV above and an alcove that can be used for either display or additional electronics without sacrificing the streamlined appearance. An integrated LED lighting system makes the whole unit stand out. It further draws your attention to this focal point of the room.

Spending more time at home is trend that is here to stay. Even after the Coronavirus leaves us, many will continue to prefer smaller gatherings with family and close friends over larger public venues. The multipurpose TV stand and entertainment center plays right into these desires for in-home recreation and relaxation. It's practical now and in the future because of the many types of entertainment needs it can fill. Demand for this type of amenity is sure to increase as people try to stay safe and spend more time at home, making it a sure-fire asset for future home sales as well. It's hard to feel in-control when the unexpected happens. But if you add a multipurpose TV stand and entertainment center to your home, you just might ensure that the future, expected or not, is a little more enjoyable.