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Closet Blog: Everyone Benefits From Better Organization!

Closet Works™ Releases Third TV Commercial to Encourage Better Organization

Let Closet Works Help You Get Organized!

Closet Works is here with a third television commercial aiming to convince homeowners that everyone can benefit from better organization! To sweeten the deal, Closet Works is offering reduced pricing on five laminate colors — offering them for the same price as basic white.

Our most successful television commercial of all time, this attention grabbing advertisement began airing across Chicagoland on March 26, 2018 on over 42 TV networks and is still going strong.

What's all the fuss about and what are people saying about this TV commercial?

I LOVE this commercial! The little girl is ADORABLE and I love how the Mom chokes back her laughter. WELL DONE! — Snapepet

My wifey & I love this commercial ...& we are wondering...
Is this a actual family or relatives?..,
Or Fancy cut & splice photo/ video editing?
It's really a....
It's it's good!
— Website Feedback

Clever, sweet, talented and just a bit precocious — Chicagoland is head over heals in love with our adorable little spokesperson. The future is looking very bright for an organized Chicago!

"Everyone Benefits from Better Organization," Brought to You by Closet Works