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Closet Works Lookbook: Traditional Style Ideas

Traditional Style Ideas for Your Next Custom Design

traditional style design by closet works

Out with the old, in with the new — not so fast. In a fast-paced society of social media moguls, busy parents, city-slickers, and career-driven debutantes, sometimes it's necessary to slow down and revel in old world beauty. Inspired by 18th and 19th century Europe, traditional style is classic and always reflects elegance. While it seems people are always craving something new, something modern, something edgy — there is a certain charm of traditional style design that cannot always be replicated by the latest fashion. Traditional style is genuine and isn't trying to break any style barriers. Needless to say, traditional style doesn't dare to be different or demand attention — but turns heads anyway because of how beautiful it can be.

"There is a certain charm of traditional style design that cannot always be replicated by the latest fashion."

Younger crowds often stray away from the word "traditional", often associating it with grandma's plastic-covered living room, but that's not the case. Rather than stuffy and uncomfortable, traditional design is more about historical appreciation, elegance, warmth, and preservation of the arts.

Traditional design is orderly

Traditional design is orderly — never brash or jarring. Everything has a place and purpose whether functional or artistically blending into the composition of the room. Even without eccentric and chaotic décor, there are still flashes of brilliance and excitement with how much rich history and harmony traditional design offers.

"Everything has a place and purpose whether functional, or artistically blending into the composition of the room."

Traditional design is timeless

While the name can imply that it's dated or old-fashioned, traditional style design is an interior fashion trend that remains timeless by finding comfort in the classical and allows you to create your own museum in your own home. Traditional design is one of the most popular interior design styles and is often celebrated by antique and art lovers.

What features do I need to create a traditional design?

  1. Refined Colors & Soft Neutrals: Think deep, rich neutral colors such as mahogany, gold, forest green, crimson. Soft tints and shades including ivory, powder blue, beige, or greys also work to express the delicacy of revisiting antiquity.
  2. Attention to Detail: Subtle, intricate details such as ornate frames, floral patterns, and wood carvings on furnishings such as stools and chair legs are features that separate traditional from loud and bold styling. It's the not-so-obvious details that makes traditional design stand out. Crown moulding is an option we offer that is often traditional and pays close attention to detail. See our Trim page for more details.
  3. Gentle Curves & Flow: There aren't any sharp or abrupt shapes in traditional design. There are feminine, soft lines throughout the room that are predictable and allude to a calming flow.
  4. Everything in Pairs: Balance is key in traditional design. Furniture and décor come in pairs. There may be a set of lamps, matching sofa and chair, or artwork by the same artist or movement.
  5. Wordly Treasures & Enrichment: Books, fine china, antiques, classical artwork are all popular accessories in traditional design. Each of these items contributes to a historically enriching and worldly space.
traditional style media center
Closet Works designed this fireplace media center in traditional style. The unit is in Portabella Ivory surrounding a stone fireplace.See Project >
traditional style closet for man
Traditional style men's walk in closet. Subtle wood detailing including flutes with rosettes and crown moulding give this closet a distinct traditional look.See Project >
traditional style dressing room
Traditional style dressing room for sloped ceiling room. Elegance is a theme with recurring traditional elements.See Project >
traditional style home office
Traditional style home office. Warmth is given off by the wood, enriching décor, and lighting.See Project >

Are you interested in traditional style?

Closet Works can easily create a traditional design for you with our talented, experienced designers and diverse selection of styles, hardware, and colors. There is plenty more style inspiration found throughout our website and on each designer's portfolios. Also check us out on social media to see more examples and stay in touch for future lookbook posts.