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Top Closet Accessories for the Well Appointed Closet

Closet Accessories Organizers Add Convienience To Your Closet System

Once associated with the luxury housing market, custom closet systems featuring closet built ins and organizers have increased in popularity to the point that they have become commonplace in homes at all price points. Afterall, nowadays everyone is pressed for time. Tapping into the time saving benefits gained from better organization has become a priority in many households. Installing a basic closet system is the first step towards realizing these benefits. The addition of closet accessories completes the closet organization system, adding greater convenience and ease of use.

There are so many different closet accessories on the market, how do you know which ones will offer the most benefit? Closet Works has been designing custom closets that feature these closet system accessories for over 30 years. Time and time again, there are certain types of products that rise to the top in customer satisfaction and popularity. These are the best accessories to include in your next closet remodeling project.

Top ten closet system accessories: built-in hampers, slide out containers such as closet drawers or baskets and pullout shelves, drawer dividers, racks, hooks, shoe organizers, mirrors, lights, security features like locks and safes, built in ironing boards.

10 Best Closet System Accessories:

  1. Hampers:

    Built-in hampers that allow the owner to presort their laundry are a favorite closet accessory amongst custom closet owners. Many new custom closet owners are surprised to discover how much they love their hamper. You might be tempted to skip the built-in hamper to save money, but don't. Simply placing a laundry basket at the bottom of the closet does not compare to the built-in hamper in terms of organization and space. Your built-in hamper will provide the ability to presort the laundry, leading to better organization in the home. It also looks better and adds an extra touch of luxury that will make its owner feel pampered, leading to less stress.

    There are two basic types of built-in hampers — the slide out and the tilt out. If the model you like doesn't support separate compartments for presorting laundry, buy two hampers. You will not be disappointed.

    example of a sliding pullout hamper closet accessory with 2 sections for sortingexample of a tilt out built in hamper closet accessory with 2 sections for sorting
    Both of these built-in closet hamper options have two bags and allow the user to sort laundry as they go. Bags are removable and include handles for easy transport on laundry day.
  2. Slide Outs — Drawers, Baskets & Shelves:

    Closet drawers, sliding baskets or pullout shelves are essential for effective organizion of small items. The ability to pull the drawer, basket or shelf forward to access items in the rear ensures that nothing gets lost in the back of the closet. The sides on the baskets and drawers will keep these small items in place. Plastic or canvas liners are available for wire baskets to keep contents from falling through the gaps.

    example of wire baskets used in a closetexample of a closet drawer with drawer dividers
    Closet drawers and pullout baskets are both mounted on drawer slides and perform in a similar fashion. They are great for organizing folded clothing. Small items stored in pullout wire baskets may benefit from a basket liner that prevents anything from falling through the gaps in the wire.

    Shelves can perform in a similar manner to drawers and pullout baskets if they are mounted to drawer slides. Pullout pantry shelves are of particular use for organizing small items in all types of closets, not just the pantry, due to the low sides mounted to each shelf. They can be used behind cabinet doors, because they do not require a knob or handle to open and close them.

    example of a pullout shelf for sweater organizationexample of pantry pullout shelves used in a baby closet
    Pullout shelves can function in a similar manner to drawers and baskets. The shallow sides on these two different types of pullout shelving keep items in pleace while allowing full access and visibility of items stored in the back of the shelf.

    Drawers, baskets and pullout shelves are fitted into an otherwise static 14 inch deep shelving section of the closet. Because there are so many types of slide out closet organizers, they are available in a wide range of price points. Baskets are generally less than drawers, and shelves cost less than sliding baskets. There is bound to one that will suit your budget.

  3. Drawer Dividers:

    Drawer dividers are useful for organizing small items kept in drawers. Baby clothing, underwear, eye glasses, jewelry and small accessories like belts and ties are amongst the most popular items organized with drawer dividers. There are several different types of dividers designed specifically for closet use. These dividers are designed to fit drawers that are 14 inches deep — the depth of a standard closet organization system.

    The standard drawer divider will separate a closet drawer into different lengthwise sections. The dividers are usually adjustable. This type of divider is often used for organizing underwear or other small clothing. Other types of dividers will create separations within the drawer that are both lengthwise and horizontal. These are often refered to as lingerie dividers and jewelry dividers. As suggested by the name, lingerie dividers are useful for organizing women's brassiers. However, they are also used for belts, ties, socks and a myriad oth other items. Anything that should be stored in a small cube within the drawer is a potential candidate for a lingerie divider. Jewelry dividers are a favorite closet organizer. Designed to work with closet drawers that are five inches high and 14 inches deep, a jewelry drawer organizer will out-perform a standard countertop jewelry box any day. They provide more storage, are more convenient, and less prone to theft — especially when combined with a drawer lock.

    example of a standard drawer divider closet accessoryexample of a lingerie drawer divider closet accessoryexample of a jewelry drawer divider closet accessoryexample of a lingerie drawer divider closet accessory
    Drawer dividers are one of the most useful accessories in closet organization.
  4. Racks:

    Racks are used mainly for organization of wardrobe accessories. They are intended to provide quick and easy access to several items at once. The best ones are built with some type of sliding or telescoping mechanism so that they can recede into the closet when not in use. Common types of racks include belt racks, scarf racks, tie racks and valet poles.

    example of a sliding belt rack closet accessory
    Belt rack in brushed chrome finish.
    example of a sliding scarf rack closet accessory
    Scarf rack in matte gold finish.
    example of a sliding tie rack closet accessory
    Tie rack in oil rubbed bronze finish.
    example of a telescoping valet pole closet accessory
    Valet pole in polished chrome finish.
  5. Hooks:

    Hooks are a simple but effective way of organizing your closet. Whether you use them for your bathrobe, wardrobe accessories like belts and ties, or favorite necklaces, your items that receive the most frequent use are often best organized with hooks. Because they can be mounted to any vertical surface and they come in so many different shapes, there is sure to be a hook that is perfect for every closet.

    example of a sliding belt rack closet accessory
    Hooks will keep necklaces tangle free.
    closet hooks as closet accessories
    Hooks will provide the most convenient access to frequently used items.
  6. Shoe Organizers:

    Have you ever gotten dressed in the dark, only to find out later on that you are wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe? This need never happen if you own the proper closet accessories. Whether you are an average shoe owner with approximately 20 pairs of shoes, or a footwear fanatic with a much larger collection, life will be easier if you keep your shoes organized. Don't just kick them under the bed or leave them in a pile next to the door. This sort of untidiness results in lost shoes and unmatched pairs. A good shoe organizer will eliminate this problem, allowing you to grab the appropriate shoes, even when you are in an extreme hurry. There are pullout shoe organizers that keep a few pairs of shoes together, rotating shoe racks that can handle up to 200 pairs of shoes, to entire walls or separate closets outfitted with special shoe shelves that can organize an unlimited amount of footwear. No matter what your need, there is a shoe organizer for you.

    example of a sliding pullout shoe organizer
    Pullout shoe organizer for a few pairs of shoes.
    shoe cubbies as closet accessories
    Shoe cubbies are made to order and can organize any number of shoes.
    example of a rotating shoe organizer
    Rotating shoe organizer for up to 200 pairs of shoes.
    shoe shelves as closet accessories
    Shoe shelves can take over an entire closet. These are enclosed behind glass doors.
  7. Mirrors:

    Everyone needs some type of mirror in order to get ready to face the day. Mirrors are always found in the bathroom, but these are usually small, above the vanity types that don't allow the owner the opportunity to check their clothes. Floor mirrors can be installed in a corner of the bedroom, but an even better place is the closet. The closet is a very convenient location for a mirror, as it is where you most likely put on your clothes. Also, when you put your mirror in your closet, you don't risk running afoul of all the Feng Shui rules on mirror placement in the bedroom. In order to be able to see your full body reflection, your mirror must be at least half your height. The longer the mirror is, the closer you can stand to it and still see your entire reflection. This is an important factor to keep in mind if you will be placing the mirror in an area with limited space.

    There are several types of full length closet mirrors. The full-lenth mirror hung on the back of the door or against an empty section of wall is the least expensive option. These mirrors come in all different price points depending on the quality and framing of the mirror. If your closet features a sliding or accordian style door, however, You probably won't be able to hang a mirror on the back of it. An option for this situation is the pivoting retractable full-length mirror. This type of mirror stores hidden with your dresses and coats against a side panel in the long hang section of the closet. Although this type of mirror is about 48 inches long and 13-1/2 inches wide, when not in use, it takes up only two inches of space. It slides forward, out of the closet, when needed so that you can check your clothing. The best retractable mirrors include a swivel mechanism so that they can be pivoted when extended, allowing the user to view their clothing from all angles. A third type of closet mirror is the three-way mirror. This is the optimal full-length mirror solution, but you need a fairly large closet to install one. A three way mirror can take up a 40 inch section of the closet. A more practical three way mirror for the home, however, is achieved when you install three cabinets inside the closet with mirrored door fronts. The doors can be opoened and adjusted to show all sides of your body at once. When not in use for this purpose, they can cover a cabinet/wardrobe that stores shoes, purses, or just about anything else you'd like to keep behind closed doors.

    door mount full length mirror
    Door Mount full-length mirror.
    example of a retractable pivoting closet mirror
    Retractable, pivoting closet mirror is 48 inches long.
    example of a three way mirror
    Three way mirror created by opening three cabinet doors inside the closet.
  8. Lights:

    Closet lighting has come a long way from the bare, incandescent bulb in the middle of the ceiling with a string to pull in order to turn it off and on. Today's closet lighting offers elaborate illumunation scenes, casting variable amounts of light on different, user controlled sections of the closet. It is based on LED lighting technology, uses very little energy to run, and is mostly wireless. Different color temperatures of light, dimmer switches and remote controls are available. It is best to use the same color temperature for your closet lighting as is used in the rooms adjoining your closet, whether bedroom, bathroom, or other. This will give your home a cohesive look and feel. Under shelf lighting installed above the clothing hang bars, in conjunction with vertical and horizontal strip lighting arround the shoe shelves will give the greatest impact. Puck lights can be used to illuminate hutch countertops or in glass enclosed cabinets.

    dressing room with LED closet lighting system
    Complete closet lighting system for walk-in closet with different types of LED lighting.
  9. Security:

    A lot of people keep their jewelry, extra cash, valuables and important papers in their closet. Thieves know this, and the master bedroom closet is usually the first stop in a home burglary. There are different ways to keep your home secure, and a whole house security system that prevents the burglar from getting in in the first place should be your first step. As an added measure, jewelry drawers can be secured with locks and safes added to the closet to hide papers and cash. This will offer you greater peace of mind for the security of your heirlooms and collectibles that you want to keep in the home for convenience sake.

    There are two types of closet drawer locks — visible with keys and invisible, digital Stealth® locks that work with remote controls. Both are a good detertant to the unauthorized access to your drawers. The same locks can usually be used on closet cabinet doors as well.

    For even greater closet security, keep your valuables in a safe. A safe made specifically for closet use will be able to be installed directly on a standard closet shelf and be secured to both the shelf and the wall. Closet safes are light weight, generally coming in around 30 pounds, so you will need to drill it into the studs and/or closet system to keep someone from walking off with it.

    dressing room with LED closet lighting system
    Closet safe with keyed drawer lock below.

    Neither drawer locks or closet safes can compare with the security you gain from keeping your assets in a safety deposit box at the bank. Your most valuable items will always be the most secure inside the vault.

  10. Built-In Ironing Boards:

    No one really enjoys iron clothes. It's one of those drudgery chores that ranks close to cleaning toilets and doing the laundry. Some people hate ironing to the point that they'd rather go out looking wrinkled than bother with an ironing board. If this is you, then you should skip this closet accessory. For others, however, the aversion to ironing has more to do with convenience than anything else. If you find yourself avoiding pressing your clothes simply because it is cumbersome to have to set up an ironing board, then a built-in ironing board will alieviate this problem. The closet ironing board comes in two types: a drawer mount board that folds out horizontally from a drop down drawer front, or the larger pull-out ironing board that folds out vertically from a cabinet. The type that is best for you will depend upon your closet layout and the storage space that you have available. Unfortunately, there are no ironing boards, built-in or otherwise, that will press your clothes for you. If you do take the time to touch up wrinkles and keep your creases sharp, you will automatically look more polished and put together without having to spend a lot of money on clothing.

    example of a pullout cabinet ironing board closet accessory
    Pullout cabinet ironing board folds out from a vertical storage space.
    drawer ironing board closet accessory
    The drawer ironing board folds horizontally out from a horizontal space behind a drawer front.

Key points to remember: Closet accessories lead to better closet organization and increased convenience for the owner; Things that slide in and out upon demand are easy to use and keep things at the tip of your fingers while remaining hidden when not in use; Organization equals efficiency; Remaining well organized is ultimately a time saver, creating more free time for the organized person; Some studies show that it even leads to better health; There seems to be no downside to better organization.

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