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The Gift of Organization

Something Everyone Can Use, but Few Think of Buying for Themselves

Have you ever felt that the holidays seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year? Starting the morning after Halloween (or even sooner at some establishments), all the ghosts and goblins in their orange and black color schemes will have faded away, replaced by stores decked out with strings of mini lights and evergreens. Shop windows featuring seasonal displays for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year's season will dominate our streets and communities for the next couple of months, sending out constant reminders that it is time to get started on your holiday shopping spree.

A countdown until Christmas, reminding us how few shopping days we have left, adds urgency to the constant barrage of messages compelling us all to buy, buy, buy. You may succumb to feeling overwhelming pressure due to the stress and expense of trying to find the perfect gift for each and every one of your loved ones. Frequently, holiday shopping brings on more stress than bargained for according to the American Psycology Association. Furthermore, some people can be quite difficult to shop for. Maybe they seem to already have everything, or there isn't much they want that you can afford.

Luckily, finding that awesome gift that everyone can use, is affordable, and would never occur to most people to buy for themselves, isn't as hard as you think.

Pretty much everyone can use the gift of organization. Whether you have a golfer on your list with a collection of clubs, bags, balls, tees, shoes, etc., a crafter with shelf-after-shelf and box-after-box of scrapbooking and craft supplies, an artist, fitness buff, sports fanatic, amateur chef, gardener or collector of something — they could probably all benefit from some sort of organizational storage solution. Large families almost always need more organized storage, and a family gift moves a lot of people off your list at one time, making it an economical choice both financially and time wise.

  • The collector — organization allows him/her to put treasures on display
  • The sports fanatic — no matter what the sport — probably has equipment that takes up a lot of room. It often ends up separated and shoved into miscellaneous corners around the home, requiring time and effort to drag it all out when it is time to play. Having a central organized place where it is easy to grab and stow all the gear can allow the sport to be enjoyed more frequently.
  • The ameteur chef could probably benefit by transforming an under-used coat or broom closet into the ultimate pantry with room for all the blenders, Cuisinarts, mixers, specialty pots, pans and other tools of the trade. Anyone interested in cooking would most likely love to be able to find all their recipe ingredients quickly and easily, without misplacing anything at the back of a shelf where it might grow old or expire.
  • Storage and shelving can turn a crowded shed or garage into a gardener's dream oasis with spaces for all the potting materials, fertilizers, seeds and more.
  • Organized storage can clear the mind and help the creativity flow for your artist/writer/crafter.
  • An organized study area can even help improve a child's grades in school.
  • Basically, everyone on your list will potentially benefit from the gift of organization

No matter who you plan to shop for, chances are they could benefit from more space and organized storage solutions.
Dry cleaned Santa suit in closet

Organization and storage solutions come in all different sizes and all different price points. Everything from complete entertainment centers to be enjoyed by everyone in the family, custom storage closets and custom pantry shelving systems, to simple storage systems that suit the individual's interests and needs, or inexpenive drawer organizers and pull-out storage accessories — all make excellent holiday gifts.

An added bonus is that it's "the gift that keeps on giving." When organization increases, leisure time also usually increases. Whenever your loved ones use your organization gift, they will receive that extra perk of more time — whether seconds, minutes or hours, it's all precious. By giving the gift of organization, you will be giving your family and friends more than just a storage solution — you're giving them the gift of time. They will have more time to enjoy their hobbies when everything is in order. They will recapture the hours spent looking for an item buried in a closet. More importantly, they will have more time to spend with each other — and isn't that what the holidays are really all about.

Closet Works is Chicagolands' largest and most experienced provider of custom storage solutions. Since 1987, we have been helping homeowners by creating custom closets, pantries, office/guest rooms, wall units and more to help create a better, less stressful lifestyle. Great ideas to "Organize Your Life" and examples of our closets and other custom organization systems can be found throughout our website. If you are looking for just an accessory rather than a complete custom system, a-la-carte closet organization accessories are available for purchase online through our affiliate website For more information on Closet Works call toll-free at 800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738).

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organized craft area and entertainment center
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