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Small Closet Organization Ideas

6 Tips for Maximizing Storage in a Tiny Closet.

Small closet ideas

Your tiny closet can probably hold more than you think it can. Don't let yourself become frustrated by a lack of places to put things. Try these small closet organization ideas guaranteed to increase storage while keeping your closet neat and tidy.

Are you frustrated because you never seem to have enough room in your closet? Do you find yourself avoiding your closet because you simply don't want to deal with the mess? Before you give up hope, you need to take a good hard look at your closet organization strategy. You can probably get more into your space than you think.

    Small closet ideas that will increase your available storage.

  1. Waste Not Want Not

    Put double hang closet organizers in a small closet
    Utilize all the space in a small closet by doubling up on the closet rods wherever possible.

    The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you are using ALL of your space. This may seem so obvious that it doesn't even need mentioning, but you'd be surprised at how many people miss this part of closet organization. You want to use all of the space from floor to ceiling for storage. This includes the space between your top shelf and ceiling, that hard-to reach back corner, and the floor. One of the easiest ways to increase hanging space in the closet is to double up on your rods. Mount the top rod at 81-3/4 inches, the lower at 40-1/2 inches. On the other hand, if it's more shelving you're after, install new shelves 12-inches apart and run them all the way up to the ceiling.

    Extend closet shelves to the ceiling in a small closet
    It's a good idea to extend closet shelves to the ceiling when working with a small closet.

  2. Add a Closet Hutch

    A closet hutch is an effective small closet idea to increase storage
    A closet hutch in the center of this small walk-in closet is an effective way to increase storage.

    Everyone loves a big closet island with lots and lots of drawers and shelves to put things. But if you have a reach-in or small walk-in closet, you aren't going to have room for this coveted accessory. Consider adding a closet hutch instead. A closet hutch has drawers and a countertop but is mounted against a wall rather than in the middle of the floor, making it a good solution for reach-ins and smaller walk-ins where there simply isn't enough floor space to build an island. It is single sided but makes up for the lack of drawers on both sides by including a cabinet or shelving above the countertop.

  3. Put Your Shoes in the Corner

    Small closet ideas for shoe organization
    The reach-in closet on the left shows how shoe cubbies can be installed perpendicular to the back wall in the recess of the return wall. The small walk-in closet on the right shows a 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner in the corner of the closet as a way to store up to 200 pairs of shoes in a 40-inch x 40-inch corner.

    The corner of the closet is a good place to locate shoe cubbies for a small reach-in closet or a rotating shoe organizer like the 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner for a small walk-in closet. Shoe cubbies can be located behind the return wall of in a reach-in (the sometimes-awkward space between the doorway and the side wall). In a closet with a deep return, turn the cubbies so that they are perpendicular to the back wall for best access. A shoe carousel like the 360 Organizer® can hold a lot of shoes in the corner of a walk-in closet.

  4. Switch Out the Door

    Small closet ideas include replacing doors with swing out or barn doors
    Small closet ideas include replacing doors with swing out or barn doors. This way, the door opens fully to reveal the entire closet at one time without taking away any space from inside the closet.

    The closet door can take up a lot of space in the closet and prevent you from being able to use every square inch of space. If you really want to maximize the space, make sure your closet doors don't extend into the interior of the closet. The best closet doors to have are swing doors, pocket doors, and interior barn doors. For swing doors, the door must swing out rather than in. This means you need to be able to pull the door towards you rather than push it when entering the closet. If you have this type of door, consider using the backside for additional storage of accessories such as hooks or a mirror. A carpenter or handyman can easily rehang the door if it swings the wrong way. Pocket doors are also good. They slide completely out of the way and take up no space whatsoever because they remain inside the wall when open. However, they can be difficult to add to existing construction and may require reframing the wall. This is where the interior barn door comes in. It slides like a pocket door, but all the hardware and the door itself mount to the outside of the closet wall. Unlike a more traditional double sliding closet door, they can be moved completely out of the way. This way you can see everything in the closet with no obstructions and the door doesn't take up any of the precious closet space.

  5. Use Slim Line Hangers

    Slim line hangers to maximize closet storage
    Slim line or velvet hangers take up less space and help to maximize closet storage.

    If you just need a little more hanging space, try switching your hangers to slim line velvet hangers. This type of hanger really is narrower than a wood or plastic tubular hanger, allowing more clothes to be hung in the closet per linear foot. They aren't a hanger that will last a lifetime. You will probably end up replacing them every few years because they do break. However, they can increase your storage and look quite nice in the closet, especially when they are all the same color (It's a visual thing. The closet simply looks roomier and better organized when all the hangers are the same style and color).

  6. Build a New Wardrobe Closet

    New wardrobe closet adds storage to bedroom
    This new wardrobe closet adds a lot of storage to the bedroom.

    We hate to give up on any closet, but some are simply too small for the things that need to be stored inside them. If you've tried everything and feel that your closet really is hopeless, it may be time to build a new one. A built-in wardrobe closet can be constructed against any empty wall to supplement a too-small existing closet. Go this route and you gain additional custom storage to for your home that will most likely pay for itself at resale. And you still have the other original closet to use. Relegate it to out-of-season coats or even a spouse if you previously shared your closet. More guaranteed storage for everyone!

Small Does Not Necessarily Equal Cramped

Try all these tips or just a few. Even if you only use one or two, you will end up with more room for storage by implementing these small closet ideas. It's like your mother always said: it's not what you have, but how you use it that makes all the difference. Maybe all you need is a little elbow grease to get your storage needs under control. Take charge of your closet through better organization and watch the benefits flow to other areas of your life as well. After all, everything is easier when you're organized.