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Small Bathroom Storage Tips

Small bathroom storage ideas

Wear a mask. Stay in the house. Limit your shopping trips to only necessary excursions. With everyone stuck at home with limited opportunities to go out and buy supplies, we've all had to purchase our essentials in bigger quantities so that they'll last a long time. We've seen confirmation of this in the stores. The paper goods aisle is virtually empty due everyone stocking up at once. So when you come home with your two-month supply of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, and other necessary items, where do you put it? These small bathroom storage tips may be able to help.

Small bathroom storage ideas and tips on where to store your emergency supplies when space is limited.

If you're lucky, you have loads of extra space in your linen closet and under the bathroom sink. Finding room for a month's supply of toilet paper is no problem for you. Your house has abundant storage. But what if this is not you? What if you don't have surplus storage space. Where do you put all that extra toilet paper when your bathroom is very small?

There are lots of medicine cabinets, over the toilet shelving and other stock shelving solutions on the market to help deal with bathroom storage. Chances are; however, you were already been using these solutions to deal with a shortage of storage for your tiny bathroom before the COVID-19 crisis. Now you need even more storage. What can you do? You need to think beyond traditional bathroom storage products. You may even need to think beyond the bathroom for a place to put your supplies.

    Ideas to Increase Storage in Tiny Bathrooms

  1. Bring in Cubbies & Wine Cubes from the Pantry

    Wine cube used as small bathroom storage for towels
    Wine cube used as small bathroom storage for towels.

    Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Cubbies and wine cubes from the pantry are an efficient and cost-effective way to bring additional storage into the bathroom. After all, it makes sense. Just think about it. Pantries are usually one of the smallest and most crowded storage areas of the home. Solutions that work in one might also work in another space with similar storage constraints. In this instance, wine cubes and cubbies used for the storage of bottles make excellent receptacles for towels. Simply roll rather than fold the towel and place it in the cubby.

    Cubbies and wine cubes can be sized to fit any space. Use them on the wall over the toilet, next to the mirror over the sink, or even above the bathtub. Most small bathrooms with a standard tub/shower combo can do this. Unless you have a rain shower head, there is probably empty space above your bathtub between the top of the tile and the ceiling. Depending on ceiling height, you should be able to hang one or two rows of cubbies in this area. Make them deep enough for your biggest bath sheets. Even if you were hoping to add storage space for toilet paper rather than towels, you can move the towels to their new storage and use the linen closet for your extra packages of toilet paper.

  2. Recess Shelving Into the Wall

    shelves recessed into wall between studs
    The cavity between the studs in your home has about 3-inches of empty space. This wall was opened up and trimmed out so that this space could be used for shelves.

    Even if your bathroom is really tiny with no place to add storage shelves or cabinets, there is usually some dead space behind the door. Think about opening the wall to insert shelves between the studs. This is not a crazy idea. All medicine cabinets that recess into the wall are built in this manner. The cavity between the studs in your home has about 3-inches of empty space. Add shelves and you've got a nice storage area for bottles of shampoo, deodorant, soap, and similar small items. No major construction is involved as long as you don't try to move the studs. Just put knew shelves in between the existing supports, finish and paint.

  3. Maximize Storage in Your Linen Closet with Organizers

    linen closet shelves with central pull-out for bottles
    These linen closet shelves have several central pull-out pantry shelves adapted for bottles, soaps and small items in the linen closet.

    Don't ignore the storage you already have. Your linen closet can probably store extra items for the bathroom in addition to sheets and towels. The trick is to organize the closet so that it holds more. Try pull-out pantry shelves as a way to keep extra bottles of soaps, shampoos, and hand sanitizer organized and upright. The shelves have low sides similar to drawers and slide forward so that nothing gets lost in the back of the closet.

  4. Extra Storage Outside the Bathroom.

    Extra toilet paper stored in baskets and shelves in the laundry room.
    Extra toilet paper is stored in baskets and on shelves in the basement laundry room

    If you are really tight on space, you can always storage the excess packages of toilet paper, sanitary items, soaps and cleaners outside the bathroom. Keep a small amount under your bathroom vanity and put the rest into storage elsewhere in the home. An attractive cabinet or shelving can be added any unoccupied corner, hallway, basement room, or even the attic of the home. It really depends on your particular home and where extra space can be found. A basement laundry room is often a good choice because it usually has extra space that can be used for these items.

    Toilet paper stored in decorative baskets.
    Use pretty baskets to store your surplus toilet paper outside the bathroom.

  5. The 360 Organizer® Rotating Closets

    If you think you don't have room for any extra storage in your home, think again. The 360 Organizer® rotating storage closet can be added to any empty wall or corner. It requires an area as little as 31.5" W x 26" D x 84" H depending on the model selected. Some models, namely the 360 Shoe Spinner are already known to hold up to 200 pairs of shoes. Knowing that, just think of how many rolls of toilet paper you could get into one of those units! You could store all of your emergency supplies with convenience and style by using one of these closet organizers. Whether you add doors and lighting to give it more of an upscale finished look or just use it plain, it's a solution worth looking into when you're short on storage space.

    Toilet paper and emergency supplies in the 360 Organizer Pantry
    The 360 Organizer pantry can be used for toilet paper and emergency supplies.

The Coronavirus will eventually pass. However, life may be changed forever. We must be ever vigilant for any new threats of this sort in the future so that it never happens again. That means being prepared. Maintaining extra emergency supplies in our homes will help prevent panic and hoarding during an emergency. When everyone is ready, we can react rationally and get the crisis quickly under control. Permanent storage solutions for all of our extra supplies, whether for the bathroom, pantry, or elsewhere, need to be addressed. By adding more organizers to our existing closets, putting every square inch to use including the empty gaps between the studs, adding storage cabinets and shelves to any available unused spaces, and incorporating unconventional solutions like rotating cabinets, we can make it work. We will make it work!