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Organizing Ideas Using Simple and Inexpensive Accessories Everyone Should Own

Try These Organization Accessories that Bring Better Storage and Function to the Home

As time marches forward, we all tend to accumulate possessions. Finding places to keep the jumble of goods so that it is all categorized and easy to find when needed can be a labor of love, requiring time and resources from our already hectic schedules. Organizing the home, however, is well-worth the effort. Some up-front effort spent putting things away will save you time and money in the long run. And it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive or require the help of professionals. Use these storage and organization tips that make use of items you already have around the home or can purchase easily and cheaply to get started on the path to decluttering and home organization.

Inexpensive organizing ideas using products you probably already have around the home:

  • Command Hooks: command hooks in package is a good organization accessoryWe love these all-purpose hooks from the 3M company. They allow you to hang items on a hook where ever needed without making a hole in the wall or door. They also remove easily without damaging the wall finish or paint if you no longer want them. These convenient hooks come in all sizes and work for everything from kitchen clothes to calendars. Use them behind cabinet doors for storage. The hooks come in different styles with varying weight restrictions. Just make sure to purchase the right hook for your application.Organizing idea: kitchen utensils hung from command hooks
  • Wire bins or plastic caddy: Attach them at the proper spot on the back of cabinet doors for dishwashing soap, hair dryer, cleaning supplies, etc. In the event that you don't want to make a hole, 3M Command also makes small, inexpensive plastic caddies that attach to the back of cabinet doors in addition to their line of hooks.Organizing idea: wire bin storage on back of pantry cabinet door
  • Sheet Protectors: Think of sheet protectors as a plastic bag specifically designed for 8-1/2" x 11" papers. You can purchase them from any office supply store. Put warranties, receipts and instruction manuals for your appliances in the clear sheet protectors. Group all relevant papers for the appliance in a single sheet protector. The important thing in storing these types of papers is to keep them in an easy-to-access location where you won't forget or lose them. You can then either store the whole batch in an easy-to-find plastic binder, bin, or hang the relevant documents near the appliance in question. I keep the manuals and related receipts for my automatic garage door system posted to the wall near my garage door opener. It's an easy way to have the maintenance records available when the technician comes to service the unit — even when I am not at home.Organizing idea: sheet protectors for receipts and instruction manuals
  • Hanger Holder: Hanger Holders work great in the laundry room, closet, or even on the backside of the bedroom or bathroom door. You can use it to drip dry clothes or stage an outfit for the next day. They also offer a convenient place to hang the dry-cleaning when you first walk in the door, before putting everything away. This simple, but practical item is inexpensive and folds down when not in use, taking up very little space. Everyone should have one.hanger holder for back of door organization accessory
  • Clear shoe drawer: Although plastic shoe drawers are terrible for shoes, they are great for organizing small items often kept in linen closets such as extra make-up, first aid supplies, meds, etc. Never store your leather shoes in them because the leather needs to breathe and should not be enclosed in plastic.plastic shoe drawer in linen closet holds small items like makeup
  • Shelf risers: Usually used in pantries for cans or spices, shelf risers work well in linen closets because they prevent you from accidentally purchasing duplicates of supplies.
  • Retractable travel clothesline: retractable clothesline from Moen is a good organization accessoryRetractable clotheslines are often seen in hotel bathrooms, especially those with a swimming pool or located near the beach. This item is useful for home use as well, however. A travel clothesline works well for air drying delicate items. Because it is retractable, it takes up virtually zero space and is very inexpensive. Use it in the master closet or in the bathroom.clothes hung in bathroom on travel clothesline

Easy-to-implement storage and organizing tips:

  • Towels: Why go to linen closet for towels unless the linen closet is in the bathroom? Store towels under your bathroom sinks if there is room or add a wall shelf with cubbies for towels if there isn't.
    Organizing idea: towels stored in bathroom rather than linen closet
  • Shoes: Why not keep your shoes in the original box that they came in? Cardboard boxes stack nicely, breathe — a necessity for leather, and they also provide protection for the contents. The downside is that you can't easily see what is inside. Get around this by taking a photo of the shoe, print it out and tape it to the box for identification.Organizing idea: Glue a picture on a shoe box to identify contents
  • Dry-cleaning bags: Dry-cleaning bags waste space, are not good for clothes and look bad. Use breathable garment bags or shoulder protectors to protect clothing from dust.
    Organizing idea shows garment bags for storage of suits
    Suits are an ideal item to be stored in garment bags. Most offices have gone to business casual attire, but men need to wear a suit on occasion. Rather than storing those suits in the clear plastic bag that came back from the cleaners, use a breathable garment bag. Your expensive suits will last longer.
  • Moths: According to Terminix Moths and their larvae are especially attracted to clothes that have food spills or stains on them. Their larvae also require keratin to develop. Keratin is a protein found in your skin, hair and fingernails. It's also found in natural fibers that we get from animals including silk, leather, feathers, furs and — you guessed it — wool. Make sure your clothes are clean without food stains before you put them away and vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of skin cells/keratin in your closet so that you won't have to worry so much about using poisons like moth balls to repel these insects.clothes moth
  • CDs: Do you really need them? Less is generally best when it comes to decluttering and organization. If you transfer all of your music CDs to your computer, you can back up your collection to an online cloud storage service and have access to it from any device.
  • Hampers: Include a place inside the closet to collect dirty clothes. A built-in hamper is great if there's room. It's the most popular accessory to a custom closet system. Try to find one that allows you to sort into at least two categories if possible.
    clothes moth

Home organization doesn't have to be expensive. It's something that anyone can do. It does require resolve and dedication from the people living in the home to take the time to put things away in a neat and orderly manner. It may seem like your life is so busy that you don't have enough time to do it, but as so eloquently stated by Benjamin Franklin, for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Try some of these simple and inexpensive tactics in your own home to achieve a more orderly life with more, not less leisure time.

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