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How to Organize Scarves

8 Great Ways to Organize Scarves in Closets and Mud Rooms

With winter on its way, many of us will be bringing out collections of scarves to help keep warm. Heavy knit or wool scarves work well with outerwear, while delicate silk scarves do double duty indoors as both fashion statement and neck warmer. If you have a large personal collection, or just a small number of scarves but several people in the family, the number of scarves cluttering your home can add up.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to scarf organization, but they all boil down to the convenience of in-closet versus outside-closet organization. Either can work when the right scarf organizers are used. Eight tried and true ideas to achieve scarf organization include drawer organizers, cubbies, rods or hangers, pull-out racks made for scarves, shelves, baskets, and hooks.

Good scarf organization is convenient and accessible, yet unobtrusive.

Folded silk scarves in drawer
Scarves create a unique fashion statement as well as a method for staying warm in Chicago's frigid winters. Available in knit, wool, cotton and silk materials, there is bound to be a scarf that is perfect for every occasion. These silk scarves are kept organized in a drawer and separated into rows by drawer organizers that run from front to back in the drawer.

    8 Great Scarf Organizer Ideas:

  1. Drawer Organizers

    Drawer dividers are a good way to organize scarves if you have an available drawer that is over five inches in height that can be used for scarf storage. The majority of stock drawer dividers are adjustable to the width and depth of the drawer but are about five inches high. This height is perfect for storing silk scarves and thinner wool or knit scarves. For the most efficient storage, fold the scarf lengthwise so that it is five inches or less in width. Then, to avoid wrinkles, roll the scarf into a loose spiral. Store each individual rolled scarf in a single in compartment of a cubed drawer organizer. drawer with divider to organize scarves
  2. Shoe Cubbies Repurposed for Scarves

    Shoe cubby is a misnomer for this versatile organizer. Despite their name, shoe cubbies are great for organizing and storing all sorts of items, including scarves. You can either fold or roll several thinner scarves and place into each cubby, or roll a single thicker/larger scarf in one cubby. colorful scarves organized in shoe cubbies
  3. Rods

    A clothes rod, or even a towel rod mounted to the back of a door can be used for scarf organization. This is a good organizer for any size or weight scarf. Drape the scarf over the bar and knot loosely to keep it from sliding off when the door is opened. Do not tighten the knot. Tied with a relaxed knot so that it stays in place but doesn't create wrinkles in the scarf. Scarves organized on clothes rod
  4. Hangers

    Hangers are an appropriate method to store your most delicate scarves. Drape a single scarf over one velvet hanger like a pair of pants for your most precious scarves. The velvet should provide enough grip to prevent a silk scarf from sliding off the hanger while protecting against snags. You can also loosely knot several scarves on a hanger in the same manner as a rod. Scarves organized on hanger
  5. Scarf Racks

    Scarf racks are designed specifically for organizing scarves. Invest in one of these if you have a year-round need for scarf organization. These racks usually entail a small loop through which the scarf can be pulled. The small size of the loop means most scarves will stay in place without knotting them. Many scarf racks are available as slide-out closet organizers. This means they take up very little space in the closet and remain hidden most of the time. They mount to a vertical closet panel or a cleat that is attached to the side wall and can be pulled out when needed. Scarves organized on pull-out rack
  6. Shelves

    Shelves work for nearly every organizing need. You can never have too many. Organize your scarves on a shelf by folding and placing them into neat 12-inch stacks. The number of scarves per stack will vary depending on thickness of the material. A 12-inch height is a manageable size that won't topple over. You can further ensure that your stacks remain neat and orderly by using acrylic shelf dividers between the stacks. These dividers are made to fit a standard 3/4-inch thick closet shelf and function similar to bookends. They divide the stacks and keep your folded items straight and tall on the shelf. Scarves organized on shelves
  7. Baskets

    Decorative baskets are a neat way to organize scarves for the entire family. Simply roll or fold your scarves and arrange them in a basket in an attractive manner. Place the basket with scarves on a convenient shelf where it will be easy for family members to grab what they need in a hurry. Scarves organized in basket
  8. Hooks

    If you have a relatively small number of scarves to organize, hooks are definitely one of the most convenient methods of scarf organization. Simply drape the scarf over a hook next to your coat or purse. That way, you won't forget it when you leave. Many scarf lovers will use this method for their heavy outerwear scarves, while resorting to an in-closet scarf rack or drawer organizer for their delicate silk scarves. Scarves organized on hooks

If you are looking for ways to organize numerous scarves, why not try several of the methods suggested above? Children are best able to keep their things organized, including scarves, when the organization solutions are kept simple and within their reach. Try hooks installed next to the place where they hang their coats and backpacks. Colorful baskets of rolled scarves or folded scarves on shelves near the back-door work well for families that tend to share scarves between family members. Rods installed on the back of the closet door can be an equally good way for families to hang their scarves. For a personal collection of silk accessory scarves, an in-closet method for storage works best. Roll the scarves and place in drawer organizers or cubbies for a large collection. If you prefer to hang the scarves, knot them loosely over a hanger or pull through a sliding scarf rack that is mounted inside the closet.