Closet Blog: Your Favorite Clothes Deserve a Luxury Closet

Reunite with the Outfits You Love

Take a moment to think about the most cherished outfits you've worn in your lifetime. Chances are this is a surprisingly easy thing for you to do. But can you remember the energy and excitement that came with wearing those outfits for the first time? Can you remember that very first day in a hot, new outfit?

  • What did it feel like to wear?
  • Were your shoulders back?
  • Was your hair perfect and flowing?
  • Did your friend (or lover) look on at you in awe and admiration?

Did you change someone's life on that day?

The feelings and memories that come with our answers to these questions show us how much we care for the clothes we wear. The problem is that we get bored quickly, and bury those special outfits under new purchases that never end up meaning as much. Before long, we forget about our once favorite outfits and fail to see them again in the same glowing light.

They need to be rescued!

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