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Hide the Litter Box & Other Pet Closet Ideas

How to Design Custom Organization and Closets Around the Needs of Your Pets

Pets Love Closets

your pet closet can be for more than storage
Consider a designated pet hamper for your pet supply storage needs.
Although their closet needs are slightly different than those of their owner's; dogs, cats and other pets have storage needs too. Pets often love the den-like safety of small enclosed spaces such as those found within a closet, and enjoy the familiar smells that often accompany a closet filled with clothing (especially if the clothes aren't freshly laundered). Pets have their own storage needs as well — bags of pet food, toys, bedding and the infamous litter box all need someplace to go. Some pets even have their own wardrobes that need to be considered when deciding on household storage requirements. All of these needs can be addressed through the installation of a proper pet closet.

dog and cat in closet

Pet Closets Can Provide a Cozy Nook to Call Their Own

Whether you have a dog, a cat, pot bellied pig, lizard or something else, pets enjoy the safety of a small enclosed area like a closet. A place that is both close to family, yet a little secluded and away from the main household traffic patterns, can be transformed into the perfect pet den.

dog loves closet corner

In addition to giving your pets a cozy nook to call their own, pet owners usually like to have an out-of-the-way place to keep all of their four legged friend's things. Whether bowls, beds or toys, it is a good idea to have someplace where your pet's things won't get tripped over. This nook can be a specially designed alcove under the stairs, the space underneath a mud room bench/storage system — or just a spot on the bottom of your closet. Many people like to find a spot close to the back door for their pet's storage needs, but your pet closet can be almost anywhere in the home. The key is to design the pet space so that it complements its placement in the home, while remaining unobtrusive yet convenient.

pet corner under mud room bench

Ways to Hide the Litter Box & Other Pet Supply Storage Solutions

Many people love their feline companions with a heart felt passion, however, absolutely no one likes the cat litter box. Cat owners will go to great lengths to hide this necessary accessory to cat ownership, and creative solutions abound when it comes to hiding the litter tray. Most people will attempt to hide the litter box somewhere in the mud room or laundry room. A custom litter box cabinet can be a perfect solution for these cat owners. A cabinet with an easy to access door can be the perfect hiding place for the litter box. It is convenient for the owner and will allow for easy cleaning of the tray, however, the cat needs a way to get inside. This can be achieved by installing a pet door similar to those used to give pets outdoor access. The pet door can be placed inside the standard cabinet door for a "door within a door" set up. Another option is to leave one side of the cabinet without walls. This works best when the cabinet is under some sort of countertop so that the open side is not visible. Other options include a short door which creates an empty space above or below it so that a cat can enter, but is not obvious human eyes. It is important to provide lighting in the litter box cabinet so that your cat is not left to do its business in the dark. If you have an electrucal outlet, a standard nightlight will do. Battery operated lights that can be mounted to the wall are also a good solution, provided you remember to chage the batteries periodically.

desk with hidden litter box compartment
Home office desk with hidden litter box compartment. From the front, you can't even tell that it is not your standard cabinet. The cat has easy access fron the side under the desk, and there is an electrical outlet with a nightlight to illuminate this private cat bathroom.

A closet can be considered a "pet closet" if it is used for storing pet supplies, becomes a sleeping area/refuge/type of dog house for the pet, or some combination of these. Many pet closets consist of a walk in space for your pet, but they can also be a simple cabinet or drawer. Storage cabinets are good for any type of pet supply storage. Floor level cabinets in particular are used as a way to hide the litter box. However, the same principals could be applied to create a hidden den with a comfy pet bed for your furry friend. Additionally, a designated cabinet to hold all the balls, kibble, toys and other pet accessories will keep your home better organized. A pet closet not only creates a distinct place your friend can call his own, but as an added bonus, if you keep all your pet supplies in one place, you will always know where to find them when you need them. Most pets love haing their own special space. Why not incorporate some sort of a pet closet into your next storage project?