April 12, 2010

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Closet Blog: How To Get the Closet of Your Dreams on a Budget

Professionally designed floor based closet system
walk-in closet system

Money Saving Tips for Creating Your Dream Closet

Design it as a "Hybrid" — have the closet designed so the perimeter of the room (the hanging and shelves) is in melamine. Have the island and drawer/door fronts fabricated in wood that is stained to match the melamine. That way, what you see the most of (the fronts and cabinetry) is also the most beautiful and luxurious.

Use Pre-Finished Wood — you can get a wood closet for a smaller investment if you use a prefinished wood like cherry or maple. These are typically only available in clear finishes, so your choices are limited, but you avoid the cost of custom finishing.

Select Your Own Pulls/Knobs — Pick the most wonderful, gorgeous handles you can afford. Handles function like great buttons on suits — they elevate the look. Spend big here. I promise that you won't regret it. What's big? Up to $50 (or so) per pull. You touch these everyday and there's luxury in touching something that feels wonderful.

Slide In & Out — Drawer slides are the most unseen (hopefully), under appreciated elements of storage. There's no satisfaction quite like that derived from a smooth-moving drawer. With just a gentle push, you get a quick shot of luxury. And not having to worry about closing the drawer because it does it on its own...aaahhh! Life just got easier.

Know Thyself -— know what it is you like about the pictures you've torn from those magazine pages. That way a good designer can guide you on which are expensive to duplicate and which aren't. If the unusual rod used on the Italian system doesn't matter to you (it's the grain of the wood that you like) then there's no point in spending a lot of money on that element. Simple looking details are often involved and expensive to fabricate and install.

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