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Selecting a Closet Mirror

Types of Mirrors Available for Custom Storage Systems

There are numerous options when selecting a mirror for your closet. Depending on the type of closet door you have, you may be able to simply hang a mirror on the back of your closet door. Not everyone has a closet that will accept this solution, nor is this the best location for a mirror in every circumstance. There are several other types of mirrors for closets that will suit pretty much any situation.

Closet mirrors can be divided into four types: wall or door mount, hidden retractable pull-out mirrors, mirrored cabinet door panels, and three-way mirrors.


The wall or door mount mirror is simply a mirror hung on a closet wall or door. They come in many styles and price points. They can be framed or left unframed, full length or smaller, standard rectangle or cut to a specialty shape. This type of mirror works especially well over a closet hutch, built in dresser or vanity table. With the addition of LED closet lighting, this setup can allow the owner the ability to put on makeup, arrange jewelry and accessories, or fix their hair, etc. This type of solution can even replace a piece of furniture elsewhere in the bedroom, since an additional dresser/mirror combo is often unnecessary when a well thought out closet solution is in place. This type of mirror can be either stock or custom — the custom element usually involves creating a one-of-a-kind or matching frame for the mirror. In addition to the matching frame, the advantage of going custom is that the mirror can be sized as an exact fit for the space, no matter what the size.

Closet Works custom framed wall mirror
Closet Works wall mirror with custom frame can be made to fit odd shaped spaces like this narrow section of angled wall, putting every bit of closet space to use.
Closet Works custom framed hutch mirror
Closet Works hutch mirror with warm white LED closet lighting.


When a full length mirror is desired inside the closet but there is no practical place to put one, a retractable or pull-out mirror may be the best solution. This type of mirror requires only a two inch wide space for storage and works especially well in reach in/wall closets where cabinet doors and empty wall space to hang a standard mirror are less common. The way it works, the mirror pivots on an aluminum frame. The frame includes steel ball bearing slides which allow it to be pulled out of a narrow two inch storage slot. It swivels open after being pulled ot of the storage to expose the full 48 inch x 11-1/16 inch mirror. Although only four feet high, if you step back, you will be able to view your entire reflection from head to toe. The mirror assembly requires a 13-1/2 inch deep space and is designed to be added as an accessory to a standard 14 inch deep custom closet system. When pulled out, it over-travels the closet system by 1 inch in order to clear any adjacent cabinet doors. Pull-out mirrors are easy to use, practical and available in brushed chrome or dark, oil rubbed bronze finishes to blend with most dècors.

Closet Works Elite pull-out mirror
Closet Works pull-out mirror for tight spaces.


Mirrors can be added as inserts to any open panel cabinet door, inside or outside the closet. This can be an especially good option for wardrobe/armoire closets. In this instance, the mirror can be made to run the entire length of the door, brightening the space and providing a full length reflection. However, mirrored door inserts can also be used for smaller cabinet doors, providing both increased light and a place to check your makeup, shave, etc.

Closet Works small cabinet door mirror
Closet Works small cabinet door mirror.
Closet Works large cabinet door mirror
Closet Works full length closet cabinet door mirror on a custom wardrobe style closet with small cabinet door mirror on upper cabinets.


A three-way mirror for the closet is a special type of cabinet door mirror installation. The mirrored doors can be installed inside a walk in closet, or as an outer cabinet door on applications such as a wardrobe style closet. It requires a minimum of three doors to be installed next to each other. They can be set up in a corner so that the doors are at the correct angle when closed so that you can see all sides of yourself when standing in front of the mirror. They can also be set up in a row so that you need to open two of the doors and angle them in order to view all sides of your body at once.

Closet Works 3-way closet cabinet door mirror corner installation
Closet Works 3-way closet door mirror with corner installation allows for 360° viewing without having to open the closet doors.
Closet Works 3-way closet cabinet door mirror wall installation
Closet Works 3-way closet door mirror with wall installation. You must open the doors for 360° viewing.

Mirrors are a handy addition to any closet. Full lengh mirrors are the perfect way to check the total effect of your clothes before heading out for the day. Smaller mirrors are practical for shaving, makeup application and many other tasks. The addition of LED closet lighting above or on the sides of the mirror will ensure that you can always see accurately and keep your appearance at its best. There is a mirror to fit every closet, no matter the size or style. Getting the right one for your closet will add convenience to your morning routine, making everything just a teensy bit easier.