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Men's Closet Organization Ideas

Tips to Ensure a Successful Men's Closet Design

There is an old saying "The clothes make the man." This is based on the premise that you can judge a man's character based on his clothing and appearance. Whether or not this is true, people will often judge you according to the way you dress — if you dress for success, you will be successful is the often-heard mantra of both career mentors and fashion consultants everywhere.

The "dress for success" wardrobe, be it achievement at work or happiness at home, requires a successful closet — That is a closet which is well organized and optimized for the garments stored within.

There are essential differences between organizing a closet for a man's wardrobe versus women's attire due to the type of clothing and accessories that need to be stored in the space. Men don't need as much space for long hang items as women do. Their shorter items, such as shirts, however, are often longer than similar articles of clothing for women. Underwear storage requirements are certainly different as well. Additionally, there will be specific "man accessories," like neckties, that simply don't appear in a women's wardrobe.

Essential Men's Closet Design Tips:

  1. Use Double Hang Closet Organizers Rather Than Long Hang
    mens closet with double hang closet organizers
    Men's closet with double hang closet organizers and no long hang sections.

    Long hang is a section of closet organizer that is 62 - 65 inches in height with a single closet rod. This types of closet organizer is typically used for long dresses and jumpsuits. Most men don't need any long hang areas in their closets. Unless the man owns a lot of bathrobes or keeps his trenchcoat in the bedroom closet, there simply won't be much to store in a long hang section. It is better to incorporate extra double hang areas in a man's closet. With the exception of knits that belong folded on a shelf and pants hung by the cuff or waistband, virtually all men's clothing can be hung using double hang closet organizers. This will allow for the maximum storage in the closet space. Use a hook for the bathrobe.

  2. Plan for Maximum Length in the Double Hang Section
    mens closet double hang should be longer than womens
    Men's clothing is generally longer than women's clothing. Be sure that each double hang section of closet is at least 42 inches in height.

    Men's shirts tend to be a bit longer than women's blouses, so you will want to leave adequate vertical space under the closet rod to ensure that articles of clothing do not touch the floor or shelf when hung. A man's closet will need at least 42 inches for each double hang section of closet organizer. This means that two stacked sections will equal 84 inches — the full height of a typical closet system. For my own husband, who is rather tall, I increased the spacing to 45 inches to ensure that his suit jackets wouldn't touch the shelf below. That brought the total height up to 90 inches, leaving only six inches space between the top of the closet rod and our eight foot ceiling height. Unless the closet has unusually high ceilings, there will be no room for any shelves above the double hang section in a man's closet.

  3. Use Closet Drawers with Dividers for Underwear and Small Items
    mens closet fabric drawers with dividers
    Organize underwear with drawer dividers.

    Don't let items like socks succumb to becoming a messy jumble. Plan on including a closet island or closet hutch with drawers in your men's closet design. Drawer dividers and drawer organizers will keep the small essentials neat, orderly and easy to find. If you don't want to end up wearing one black sock with one navy sock, drawer organizers are an essential part of the successful closet design plan.

    mens closet with closet drawer organizers for underwear
    Drawer dividers are not just for socks. Include enough closet drawers with organizers for all your smalls and underwear.
  4. Shelves for Sweaters and Knits
    mens closet organization ideas include closet shelves
    Men's closet organization system with double hang, closet shelves and shoe tower in the corner.

    A man's closet should include some shelves for storage of folded items like knits and sweaters. The shelves, however should not be located above the double hang section unless the ceilings are exceptionally high. Place the closet shelves next to the double hang, on it's own wall, or above a closet hutch or dresser. You could even include shelves as part of a closet island. As an added benefit to installing a closet island with shelves instead of all drawers, shelves are less expensive and will bring the total cost of your closet down.

  5. Include Tie Racks, Belt Racks and Other Accessories Storage
    tie rack for mens closetbelt rack for mens closet
    Use racks that are specially designed to organize men's fashion accessories, like this sliding tie rack and sliding belt rack.

    Proper organization for ties and belts is essential in a closet design for men. There are numerous special racks and hooks designed to hold belts and ties. Use them. They will keep your ties wrinkle free and your belts easy to find when you need them. Additionally, many men find that jewelry drawer organizers installed in a closet drawer are the perfect way to organize sunglasses, watches, cufflinks, tie clips and even tie stays.

    mens closet velvet jewelry drawer organizer
    Velvet jewelry drawer organizers are not just for women's jewelry collections. They are handy for men's accessories too.
  6. Closet Hampers
    built in closet hamper for mens closet
    Built in closet hamper with two removable compartments for sorting laundry and dry cleaning.

    Every well appointed men's closet should include some sort of built in hamper system. In order to stay completely organized, it is preferable to have two hamper bags or units so that regular laundry can be separated from the items that need to be taken to the dry cleaners. This will ensure that items that aren't supposed to get wet with water are not accidentally thrown into the washing machine. Built in hampers with removable hamper bags or hampers with removable liners are preferrable, because they make it easy to transfer dirty clothes from the closet to the laundromat.

  7. Shoes
    shoe organization for mens closet
    Mens closet organization tips include good shoe storage.

    No man should forget about good shoe organization for his closet. These days, every man has multiple pairs of shoes in multiple colors, even if it is only to distinguish casual footwear from dress shoes. Whether you are wearing trendy Air Jordans or traditional oxfords, you will want dedicated shelves or racks to keep them organized and off the floor when you are not wearing them.

  8. Install a Closet Lighting System
    Mens closet with LED closet lighting system
    Mens closet with LED closet lighting system to illuminate the hanging and upper shelving areas.

    Ever since the introduction of the LED light for residential use, the popularity of closet lighting systems continues to grow. Whether it be LED rope or tape lighting that is used under shelves and along cabinet walls or the more traditional puck fixtures, closet lighting systems have taken the country by storm. They offer a more even light source than a simple overhead bulb and illuminate the clothing better. A man with a closet lighting system need never wonder whether he just grabbed his navy blue jacket or the black one by mistake. Cost effective as well as practical, closet lighting should be a "must have" feature of every successful closet design plan.

Whether it's built for a business man with a lot of professional clothing or your "jeans and a sweater" kind of guy, the successful mens closet design is a well organized space that is optimized for the individual owner's attire. It includes a lot of double hang closet organizers and little to no long hang closet organizers. The double hang areas are all at least 42 inches high, as men's clothing is longer than women's. Medium hang closet organizer sections are used to store trousers hung from the cuff or waistband. Folded pants and jeans go in the double hang areas. Shelving for folded sweaters and knits is always included as part of the well appointed men's closet. Dividers and organizers for small items like underwear are used in the closet drawers to keep things tidy. Special hanging racks and organizers for accessories keep ties and other items handy and wrinkle free. The closet hamper should be capable of separating the wash and wear laundry from the dry cleaning. Footwear storage, in the form of special racks or dedicated shoe shelves, are present to keep shoes organized and off the floor. And lastly, the successful man's closet design will be well lit. It takes advantage of the new advances in LED closet lighting systems to fully display the wardrobe stored within.

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closet organizer ideas for a man's closet
This large walk in closet is shared by both a man and a woman, but the man has the larger wardrobe and most of the closet. Closet organizers are optimized for maximum storage of his trousers, suits, dress shirts, polos, jeans and sweatshirts. There are abundant shelves for both casual and dress shoe organization. The closet island includes even more shelves that offer additional storage for folded dress shirts. See Project >

Successful closet design for a man
This man's closet is part of a larger storage space that is divided down the middle into two separate closets by a floor to ceiling closet peninsula. His side of the closet is finished in dark wood tones and offers a lot of double hang storage, shoe shelves and a built in dresser with drawer dividers. A valet pole, along with and sliding tie and belt racks add to the storage and organization of this very masculine space. See Project >

mens closet organization ideas
When a husband and wife must share the bedroom closet, it is usually a good idea to separate the space into distinct his and her sections. His side is all double hang and shelves, providing maximum storage for a man's wardrobe. A small closet hutch offers a convenient place to charge cell phones, watches and empty your pockets. See Project >

closet purse organizer ideas
This closet not only optimizes storage for a man's wardrobe, but it is also is designed to visually expand the square footage of a tiny condo through its open floor plan. When you can see everything in your closet from the sofa, you know that you need a closet system that will keep everything effortlessly neat and organized at all times. See Project >

masculine closet in metalic silver finish
For those seeking the shock value of a stylish and modern look, high gloss always hits the spot. The hip, urban flair of Metallic Silver offers a contemporary aesthetic that alludes to the thrill of high fashion, while still remaining classy and coy. This very masculine master closet has an expansive closet island, elongated locker style cabinets, and various double hang clothing sections — all outfitted in the same high gloss silver tone laminate to meet the owner's uncommon style and wardrobe needs.. See Project >

closet with organizers designed especially for mens wardrobe accessories
This closet has a lot of storage geared especially for men. Accessories include a tie organizer, a closet island with a velvet lined jewelry organizer used for watches and cufflinks, a sliding belt rack, and a steamer for removing wrinkles from suits. See Project >

mens closet with closet organizers
This master closet for a man features all the bells and whistles. A pull down hanging rack allows the suits to be hung a little higher in the double hang section. Separate trousers are arranged on a sliding pant rack. A lighted cabinet organized 88 neckties. A pull out jewelry tray offers a place to store sunglasses, his wedding ring, grooming tools and more. See Project >

mens closet with closet lighting systems
This reach in closet part of a matching set of his and hers closets. His closet is organized with storage for ties, suits, dress shirts trousers, and an extensive shoe collection. A special compartment holds valuables, and a closet hamper system ensures that laundry is never accidentally mixed with dry cleaning. A LED closet lighting system illuminates this man's wardrobe as well as shedding light on a small access hallway. See Project >

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