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Makeup Storage Ideas for Your Closet Dressing Room

walk-in closet with vanity and makeup storage
Looking for makeup storage ideas? Why not keep your makeup in your closet. A closet vanity like this one offers several different ways to store cosmetics so that they are always convenient, easily accessible, out of the sun, and neatly organized.

Many people like to keep their cosmetics in the bathroom. But that can be inconvenient — especially when trying to apply mascara in front of a steamed-up mirror. If your bathroom is tiny, lacks storage, or is a shared space, you may be better off finding somewhere else to store and apply your makeup. Excessive heat and humidity from the shower can also wreak havoc on expensive beauty products. Consider storing your makeup in the closet instead. A closet with a vanity can be the ideal place to store and apply cosmetics.

Many closets offer the ideal environment for makeup storage.

A closet can be one of the best places to keep your makeup for several reasons. Cosmetics should be stored out of direct sunlight. Any type of heat, including sunlight, will break down the active ingredients in your makeup. In fact, many beauty products are best kept refrigerated to prolong their shelf life and slow down bacterial growth. A drawer situated away from any heat source or room without a window are good choices for storing cosmetics. A closet can offer both of these options with the possibility of adding a built-in vanity as a comfortable spot to apply the makeup. If you prefer to keep your makeup on top of the vanity, make sure it isn't directly under the window where the sun can get at it. The addition of a mini-fridge will help extend shelf life of many beauty products as well.

Dressing room closet with vanity and makeup storage
This vanity table is located in the corner of a closet dressing room. Cosmetics are stored in the drawers and on an organizer on top of the vanity. Located in the corner, the vanity table avoids the problems associated with direct sunlight but still has enough light for the owner to apply makeup.

How to store cosmetics in the closet.

Add a Vanity Table

The most convenient way to store makeup in the closet is with a closet vanity table. Closet vanities are often included as part of high-end closet dressing rooms. It's like putting a small desk in the closet that is used for applying makeup instead of writing and work. Closet vanities can be built-in or freestanding, but the built-in variety are the ones that add value to the home since they remain behind after resale. Vanities are usually seen as a coveted closet feature in glamorous walk-in closets. However, nearly any size or type of closet can find space for some sort of vanity table if you plan the design right. If you can't find a stock table that fits, you can always build a custom unit to your specifications or create a deep shelf that serves as a vanity tabletop in your closet.

Makeup storage in a closet on top of a built-in vanity
This closet vanity table is part of a walk-in closet system. It is located between, but not in front of, two windows. The light blocking curtains keep direct sunlight at bay but can be opened to improve overall lighting while applying makeup.

Include Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are essential for keeping makeup organized in the closet. All those small jars and tubes can easily become jumbled when the drawer is opened or closed unless some sort of organizers are holding everything in place. Luckily, the same acrylic drawer organizers used for storing costume jewelry in the closet work equally well for organizing beauty products. The acrylic dividers are adjustable and offer many places to keep small containers of cosmetics. And they are sized to fit standard size closet drawers so that no space is wasted.

Very clean, narrow, galley style walk-in closet with wood flooring
This cosmetics drawer is outfitted with acrylic jewelry organizers. The many adjustable compartments can be easily adapted to storing jars of nail polish, tubs of lip gloss, mascara, etc.

Dedicate a Cabinet/Storage Tower to Makeup Storage

Some people prefer to be able to see all their cosmetics lined up on shelves. You can achieve this with a medicine cabinet dedicated to beauty product storage. But medicine cabinets are usually small. It may not be big enough if you have a lot of makeup, nail polish, creams, etc. But don't fret. All you need is the addition of a small storage tower/shelving unit with a door on top of your vanity table. This will give you a lot more room for your bottles and jars. You can even go with a glass door so that you can view all your products at once if you prefer. Just make sure the sun doesn't shine directly through the glass and into the cabinet during the day.

Cabinet for makeup storage inside of a closet dressing room
This closet dressing room has a glass front cosmetics cabinet for makeup storage on either side of the built-in vanity table.

Add a Mini-Fridge for Cosmetics

Makeup can harbor bacteria. Even though expiration dates are rarely included on the packaging, most unopened products will go bad within two years. Once opened and used, the time frame is even shorter. According to the experts from WebMD, mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replaced every 3-4 months. Liquid foundation can remain stable for up to a year as long as you always apply with a clean brush or sponge and never use your fingers which transfer bacteria into the jar. Lipstick and lip gloss will last six months to a year. Powders last the longest with a shelf life of 18-months to two years. Moisturizers and wrinkle creams can become contaminated by bacteria as well. You can extend the life of some of these products by storing them in a refrigerator that is cool, but not too cold. Temperatures ranging from 46.4-53.6 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal. Expensive skin care products containing retinol or vitamin C are among your best bets for refrigerator storage because cooler temperatures slow down the degeneration of both ingredients. And bacteria in general grows slower in cooler temps. But avoid freezing your beauty products as extremely cold temperatures can be just as damaging as heat. This is especially true for any type of lotion or cream-based product.

Mini refrigerator with makeup on top of vanity table
This attractive mini-fridge is designed to store makeup on top of any vanity table of shelf.

Adapt these makeup storage ideas to any size closet.

A closet vanity will keep your cosmetics convenient and accessible yet out-of-sight. But some of us have small closets. Don't let this concern you. Even reach-in closets can have a vanity with makeup storage if you install a pull-out table over a bank of drawers. This hidden tabletop can serve as a place to sit down and apply makeup. It slides in or out like a drawer when needed. The drawers underneath the tabletop can be used as the perfect place to store cosmetics — small, discreet, out of direct sunlight, yet plenty of space for small containers, tubes, and jars. Finding room on a shelf for a small refrigerator is no more difficult than organizing space for a closet safe.

Pull-out shelf used as vanity table in small closet
A pull-out shelf/countertop is used as vanity table in this small closet.

Try these makeup storage ideas and keep your cosmetics in the closet instead of the bathroom. We think you’ll be pleased with the results because your products will be organized, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. They will also remain tidy and out-of-sight. Keeping them away from sunlight and supplementing your storage with a mini-fridge for certain products will prolong their shelf life.