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Luxurious Closets Are For Everyone

Luxury Master Closets Have Universal Appeal

The jet set and the ultra-wealthy are not the only ones interested in luxurious closets. Luxury master closets have gone main stream. Everything from coffee or wine bars, elaborate vanity tables/make-up centers, large screen TVs, sofas or other comfortable seating, elaborate lighting designs and more end up in many of today's more opulent closets. A common approach when designing luxurious closets is to enclose all the hanging and shelving sections behind glass doors, using custom LED closet lighting systems to highlight the contents of the different closet sections. Shoes, hats, handbags, belts and other clothing or accessories may be used as a striking display worthy of the most upscale department store. Elaborate closet islands with back-lit countertops illuminate the homeowner's possessions in splendor, creating a very private atmosphere of sumptuous high-living that goes beyond the closet to permeate every aspect of living in the home.

These homes differ from the in-your-face, ostentatious, wealth that dominated the 1980s luxury home market. The focus is on personal elegance and comfort, rather than on impressing the neighbors. The houses, condos and townhomes that feature luxurious closets are not necessarily overly large. The closets are, however, highly individualized — often bringing the owner's favorite colors and finishes into the space instead of focusing on best neutrals for maximum resale. Many of these closets feature personal clothing and accessories as art to ornament the space. The sole intent of these closets is to delight the owner by surrounding them with their favorite possessions in the most pleasing manner possible. They often carry a "who cares what anyone else thinks" attitude.

In addition to being highly personalized, every luxury dressing room/closet is bound to be a highly organized space. After all, no one really likes to live in a chaotic mess. Despite their individualized nature, there are several reoccuring themes in luxury closet design. These include supreme organization of the entire space using a custom closet system, display case style lighting for closet contents, a lot of glass and cabinet doors inside the closet, elaborate closet islands and areas for display, a comfortable seating and relaxation area, high end finishes, plus personalized color and décor choices unique to the owner's personality.

Dressing Room/Closet Ideas to Consider When Designing Luxurious Closets For Your Own Home:

1 Organization and a Place for Everything

Begin your new upscale closet design by giving it good bones. A luxurious closet will include a place for everything. Whether you hire professionals to design and install a custom closet or attempt the D.I.Y. route, a supremely organized closet system is a must have for today's luxury master closet. It is the foundation of the entire high-end master dressing room/closet space and without it, you don't have a luxury closet. All contents to be stored in the closet need to be accounted for in the preliminary design. The finished design will vary from closet to closet due to variations in available space and differing needs of the homeowners, but there are some basics shared by all closet systems. You will have specific hanging sections for different lengths of clothing, shelves for folded items and accessories like purses or bags, some type of shoe storage and drawers and/or baskets for corralling small items. Additional features specific to the lifestyle of the homeowner should be added in after the storage basics have been covered.

supremely organized dressing room closet
Custom organized closet system with a place for everything including shoe shelves, lighted double hang rods for shirts, drawers for small items, a countertop for staging your watch, wedding ring and other daily essentials like Cubs fan accessories (you could do Sox gear instead if that is your bent), plus an area for packing a suitcase before going on business trips. See Project

2 Display Lighting

A lighting system that goes beyond simple task lighting to transform your possessions into works of art is essential to the luxury closet. LED closet lighting is has taken the luxury closet market by storm. It offers a lot of variations in illumination effects and its use is limited only by the lighting designer's imagination. As an inexpensive, wireless and easy-to-install lighting system, it should be pushed to the limits and used to its fullest advantage by the well appointed closet. When under the spotlight, everyday clothing, accessories and personal objects can be elevated to the level of art, providing a focal point like a grand painting or sculpture for the luxury closet space. Use a combination of focused puck lights, vertical and under shelf tape or rope lights, plus above and below cabinet illumination effects all in the same color temperature to achieve your perfect closet light show.

Unique closet lighting
A grand lighting design transforms a closet into more than just storage space. The under shelf tape lights illuminated hung clothing, while the puck lights transform the glass doored cabinets into a kind of trophy case, elevating the hats, earings and other items stored there into objects of art. This project also included above cabinet lighting installed behind the crown moulding. When lit, it offers beautiful, soft, ambient light to the entire space. See Project

3 Cabinets With Glass Doors

Cabinets with glass doors are increasingly featured in the well appointed closet. This may be due to the abundance of clothing many homeowners with luxury closets possess. By including cabinets within the closet design (a sort of closet within the closet) clothing that is worn infrequently can remain ready for use and the owner doesn't have to worry about dust. This is a much better solution than plastic dry cleaning bags, which should always be removed after bring your clothes home from the cleaners because they can actually harm delicate fabrics if left in place over long. It also presents a neater, more streamlined look for the closet. The glass doors on the cabinets allow the clothing to be viewed, so you always know what you have. They also work in perfect harmony with your elegant closet lighting installation, showcasing the beautiful illumination of your clothing and accessories.

glass doors cover luxury closet hanging areas
Glass doors cover all the hanging areas in this large luxury closet. They work well with the under shelf lighting installed throughout the closet and add, rather than cover and detract, from the overall illumination effect. This closet also features glass shelves for all the shoes and beautfully back-lit stone countertops on the closet islands. See Project

4 Elaborate Closet Islands & Areas for Display

Elaborate closet islands and places for display of personal mementos are hallmarks of the upscale closet. It's one of the main features that proclaims the space to be your own private territory. Whether on top of or under the island countertop, favorite personal accessories will almost always be on display in a manner that uniquely pleases the owner of a luxury closet. Part of the reason that the closet island is so popular in luxury closets is that it offers many opportunities for display of these personal treasures. Special shelving can be built into the sides of the island for favorite collections. Velvet lined protective drawers are often incorporated under the countertop and are a great place to house many of a homeowner's favorite collections like sunglasses, jewelry, watches — even expensive lingerie. The dressing room/closet is a personal space — no one outside your intimate circle sees it — and private things can be unabashedly out in the open.

walk through dressing room closet closet
Elevate the items that have significant meaning for you when you display your special jewelry and personal mementos is a manner that even Tiffany & Co. might envy. A closet island with a glass countertop and lighted interior is a good way to acheive this. See Project

5 Comfortable Seating

Since luxury master closets are used for more than just storage, it makes sense that you will want a comfortable place to sit down and unwind. Examples of this might be the comfy wing chair that is also used with a dressing table, a sofa in front of a television for those who like to watch TV in their closet/private refuge, or just a chair with ottoman in a quiet corner where the owner likes to meditate or relax. Some luxury closet owners may even add a chaise lounge or daybed to their closet hideaway. The exact seating type is a matter of personal preference. The main point is that the luxury closet is more than just a place to put all your stuff. It's also a private haven and needs appropriate furnishings to accommodate a person, not just clothing.

dressing room closet with comfortable seating area
Comfortable seating next to the closet island offers the owner a quiet place to escape and unwind from life's hectic schedule in this opulent dressing room/closet featuring all the bells and whistles of luxury closet design. See Project

6 High End Finishes

The luxury closet is a place to splurge. Waterford chandeliers, natural wood finishes and crystal handles or knobs are not uncommon. The exact finishes will vary according to the personal taste of each owner — some prefer modern while others are traditional, but the common theme is both sensuous and elegant. Many people will adorn and furnish their private retreat with lavish finishes, creating a kind of jewel box in which they themselves are the star/main ornament.

luxury master closet ceiling with personalized decor
Expensive chandeliers, real wood construction and finishes with elegant hardware choices are trending in luxury master closets. See Project

7 Personalization in Color and Décor

In general, the more private a space is, the more personal the décor. In some ways, the luxury closet is more private than the bedroom because it often is not shared with anyone else. Even large luxury closets designed for two will usually be divided into his and hers sides or areas, giving each spouse their own space. Individualization in the form of paint color, exotic textiles and wallpaper choices is rampant in luxury closet design. It is a space imbued with personality, and the place where you go to be surrounded by and enjoy all of your favorite things.

luxury master closet ceiling with personalized decor
If your taste runs to metallic salamanders on the ceiling then go for it! Today's luxury closet is meant to be a highly personal space and a private sanctuary. See Project

Dreaming of your own luxury closet?

Today's luxurious closets are not necessarily exclusive. They can be found in unassuming main stream neighborhoods. The luxurious closet is more than storage. It's a place to de-stress from life and relax, offering priceless benefits to the owner's health and well-being. For many, luxury closets are a worthwhile, though private, indulgence — you never can tell what level of comfort and pampering is behind the closed closet doors of someone's private sanctuary. If you could, wouldn't you enjoy the ability to splurge on yourself or your loved ones with a luxury closet of your own?