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Linen Closet Design Tips: Whether in the Bathroom or Hallway, Proper Shelving is Key to Lasting Organization

The All Important Bathroom Closet: Linen Closet Design Tips and Linen Closet Ideas for Optimal Storage and Organization

Maintaining an organized linen closet is a challenge for most homeowners. Many different items are stored in this closet. Everything from big bulky towels, extra blankets, tiny washcloths, plus sheet sets for every size bed — including the difficult to fold fitted sheets — are stored here. Furthermore, most households keep their overflow of cleaning supplies, shampoo, soap and miscellaneous toiletries in the linen closet. Many of these items, such as towels and shampoo, are used everyday. It's no wonder that America's linen closets are a mess. However, it is possible to keep your linen closet organized.

Like any other space in the home, if you plan in advance and begin with a good linen closet design, it will be easier to maintain the contents in a neat and organized manner.

Homeowners that lack an organized linen storage solution may find themselves shoving things into nooks and crannies willy-nilly. Pretty soon, there's no more room for anything and the place is a mess. It can be very hard to find things quickly when you need them in this scenario. However, space and organization problems can be avoided through careful upfront closet design that is engineered to keep the contents tidy. If you have an existing linen closet, follow these tips to redesign the inside so that it will hold more items and stay organized. If your home lacks a linen closet, consider adding this type of storage to an empty wall or unused corner with a new shelving unit or wardrobe closet.

Proper Linen Closet Design Starts With Proper Shelving:

The key organization tenet for linen closet design revolves around shelving that is specifically designed for the items you need to store and the area where you need to store them. There are several types of shelves to consider in your closet design including standard or glass shelves, pull-out shelves and cubbies or cubes for rolled linens. It is also important to make sure that you don't stack items on these shelves too high. Twelve to fourteen inches is the highest you should go on any stack of folded towels, sheets or other linens. For most blankets and comforters, this will mean stacking only one high on each shelf. Quality towels are thick and fluffy — plan on approximately five bath towels per stack. You want to maintain enough room on top of the towels so that it is easy to reach in and grab one without wasting space. You also want to make sure that they don't get so high that they topple over. Shelves can be any width that fits your space up to 30 inches. If your storage area is wider, it is best to divide the space into two shelving sections with a vertical panel in between for support.

Good shelving is the key to linen storage and there are several ways to achieve this. If you are lucky enough to already have a linen closet, your existing built-in closet can be maximized to hold more and stay organized by reworking the shelving to best fit the size and number of items you need to store. If there are no linen closets to rework, new closets or shelving systems can be installed in empty corners and along open wall space. These can be floor based open shelving units, smaller wall mount shelving systems and cubbies, or a complete new wardrobe style closet that has been optimized for linen storage. The best way to add this linen shelving will be unique to your space, but the shelving ideas below can get you started on proper linen organization and storage.

good linen closet design
Proper shelving is the key to keeping your linen closet neat and tidy. This open linen tower/closet uses adjustable shelves in glass that are 18 inches wide to store bath towels on one side with hand towels on the other. The glass shelves are a good way to add shelving to a small bathroom without visually taking up space and making the room feel cluttered.
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good linen closet design
Pull-out pantry shelves are the perfect solution for linen closet design. Pull-out pantry shelves are perfect in the linen closet for storing small toiletries. Somewhat of a cross between a drawer and a shelf, the shallow sides on these shelves keep small items from falling off, even when grabbing something in a hurry from a crowded shelf. The pull-out nature ensures that nothing gets lost in the back of the shelf, no matter how small.
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bathroom linen storage for rolled towels
No need to worry about folding your towels and bed linens into perfectly straight stacks to keep them looking organized. Wine cubes and shoe cubbies are a great way to store your linens. Fold your bath towel in half and then just roll it up. Smaller towels can be rolled without even folding them in half first. The rolled towels present a neat and organized appearance without creases or wrinkles. The cubbies are convenient and make it easy to access what you need in a hurry. Small baskets can be used on the lower, square cubbies for small bottles, deoderant and other toiletries.
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rolled sheets in pillow case
You can store your sheets just like rolled towels: Fold each set of sheets together and insert them into a pillow case. Roll the stuffed pillow case so that the short side becomes the new length. They store neatly in cubbies or on shelves and everything stays together, keeping your closet better organized.

Recent trends in home construction have brought us many tiny or nonexistent linen closets. Luckily, most homes have some available area where linen storage can be added. Installing proper systems for linen storage is a worthwhile endeavor. Although not glamorous, nice linen closets will increase the functionality and overall livability of your home, adding to your personal comfort — and, afterall, everyone likes to be comfortable.

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