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Built-In Ironing Boards: Add Extra Convenience to Your Custom Closet Storage Solution

Hidden Ironing Board Options for Your Closet or Custom Cabinets

When it comes to closets and custom storage solutions, it's often the little details that make the difference between an outstanding closet and cabinet or one that's merely serviceable. By details, I mean the little niceties that aren't absolutely necessary for function, but can definitely make life easier. Examples include closet accessories like pull-out storage bins, valet poles, tilt out hampers, special storage racks for belts and ties, mirrors, and sometimes, built-in ironing board solutions. Some type of hidden ironing board is a good idea to include in your closet design, because no matter how nicely you take care of them, there will be times when your garments need pressing. It adds both convenience and functionality to be able to easily press clothes and eliminate wrinkles on the spot without taking up any room or needing to repurpose the space.

Different Types of Hidden Ironing Board Solutions:

Ironing boards can be divided into three main types — the standard freestanding model, compact table boards, and various built-in ironing board styles. All three of these types can be hidden ironing boards depending on the storage solution selected. The built in type of ironing board is the most sought after style for closets. Built-in ironing boards are available in both full size and compact size models. This type of ironing board is designed to fold away into a drawer or cabinet so that it is completely hidden when not in use. Both cabinet and drawer style built-in ironing boards can be a perfect complement to a hidden laundry hamper and doesn't mar the appearance of the space it occupies with its utilitarian function.

Closet Works hidden ironing board solutions can be summed up as "in the cabinet," "in the drawer," or "behind the door."

1. The Drawer Style Folding Ironing Board

With its 37-1/2 inch length when extended, the folding ironing board that hides inside a drawer is a compact size ironing board. It is perfect for pressing shirt sleeves and doing light touch-ups on your trousers or other clothing. It is a built-in ironing board and must be installed in a drawer space. It fits into a 24 inch wide x 14 inch deep x 7 inch high area and is covered when closed by a drawer front that matches the rest of the closet system. Set up and operation is very simple for this ironing board, making it very user friendly. It is opened by dropping down the flip down door and pivoting the board on its rotating base to unfold the ironing surface to its full dimension. It rotates 180°, with seven pre-set positions. It includes a heat-resistant cover to accommodate all standard electric steam iron settings. An advantage to this style of hidden ironing board is its cleanliness. Due to the absence of ball bearing slides, clothing remains free from grease or pinch point damage that might occur with other types of folding ironing boards.

hidden built-in ironing board for closet
This project uses a drawer style built-in ironing board right in the walk-in closet to handle ironing needs. The easy, fold out conguration of this type of hidden ironing board sets up in just a minute and handles touch-ups to shirts, ties scarves or even trousers in a jiffy.See Project >
built-in ironing board is hidden to look like a drawerfolding ironing board

2. The Cabinet Style Built-In Ironing Board

Sturdy and nearly the same size as a freestanding ironing board, the cabinet style built in ironing board is large enough to service the ironing needs of an entire family. Often installed in a laundry room or other shared area of the home, this ironing board pivots up into a vertical position for storage, and then swivels 90° to slide in sideways into a cabinet, requiring only 5-1/2 inches of width inside the cabinet. It pulls in and out on soft close ball bearing slides. With a board length of 38 inches and a width of 13-38 inches, this is a much larger ironing board than the drawer style unit. Overall length is 54-5/16 inches, including the folding mechanism. It includes fold down legs with a three foot height adjustment and universal left or right mounting, ensuring that you remain as comfortable as possible while ironing.

cabinet style built-in ironing board folds up when not in use
This project hides a built-in ironing board inside one of the wardrobe cabinets of this custom closet system. It provides a hidden ironing board solution that can handle the pressing of most clothing with wrinkles. This solution is easy to set up in a hurry and offers the largest pressing surface of the built-in ironing boards available for closets. See Project >
folding ironing board with mechanism - openfolding ironing board with mechanism - closed

3. Behind the Door Ironing Board Organizers

A "behind the door" organizer is another way to hide an ironing board. If you have a lot of ironing or large items like bed sheets, draperies, or curtains to press on a regular basis, a full size ironing board and a behind the door organization solution may be the best way to go. A standard ironing board surface for home use is 54 inches long and 15 inches wide. None of the built-in ironing boards will match these dimensions. Even the ones that are not considered to be compact ironing boards, like the fold away cabinet style units, will be a bit smaller than a standard ironing board. They can't meet the full size of a standard ironing board because extra area is needed to allow for hinges and slides that fold and hide the product away within the space constraints of a standard drawer or cabinet. This means that no matter what type you get, built-in ironing boards will always be a bit smaller. A bonus to behind the door solutions is that they are inexpensive and often come with storage for the iron as well as the ironing board. The downside is that is can be a bit cumbersome to set up the ironing board and then take it back down again to hang behind the door when you are finished.

behind the door ironing board and steam iron holderbehind the door hidden ironing board holder

Hidden ironing boards are available in different types to serve differing needs. If you send most of your ironing to the dry cleaners and only need to do light touch-ups in between wearings or small items at home, the drawer or cabinet style hidden ironing board is usually the better solution for you. The convenience and ease of use cannot be beat. If you have a lot of ironing or need to press large items, a standard full size ironing board that can be stored hidden behind a door is probably best.

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