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Closet Blog: Making Shoe and Purse Storage Easier than Ever Before!

How to Organize Shoes and Purses

Shoes and purses are like potato chips - you can’t have just one. Some might say shoes and purses are addicting and with an ever-increasing collection, you’re going to need a place to store and organize them. Whether it’s a temporary fix or a more permanent solution, there’s a number of creative ways to store your shoes and accessories away that will be functional and can even serve as a showcase. Closet Works is here to offer a variety of shoe and purse storage solutions ranging from DIY to professionally installed organization systems.

    1. Permanent Practicality & Closet Accessories

    Your closet can be renovated with permanent storage solutions and closet accessories that can do wonders for organizing your shoes and purses. Here are some closet modifications and accessories that are catered specifically to shoes and purse storage.

  • Adjustable Shelves

    Adjustable shelves are great if you have a diverse selection of shoes ranging from sandals to tall boots. Having a separate shelving system or cabinet for shoes allows you to keep your shoes organized by season, type, and how often you wear them. Adjustable shelves also work for purses if you have different sized bags.

    custom walk in closet with adjustable shelves for shoes
    adjustable shelves for purse storage
  • Pull-out Shoe Organizer

    Pull-out shoe organizers work well for a more modest collection of shoes — holding up to 12 pairs of shoes.

    pull out shoe organizer for 12 pairs of shoes
    walk in closet design with pull out shoe organizers
  • Shoe/Clutch Cubbies

    Shoe cubbies are a favorite way to keep shoes organized in a small space and work with more than just shoes — organize your clutches and jewelry boxes in the small compartments.

    shoe cubbies for reach in closet
    cubbies used as clutch organizer
  • Slanted Shelves with Shoe Fences

    Slanted shelves with shoe fences bring the boutique to you, putting your shoes on display. Angled shelves make it easier to access shoes on higher shelves, too.

    slanted shoe shelves with fences for closet organization
    slanted shelves with shoe fences for closet
  • Pull-out Shelves/Pantry Shelves

    Pull-out shelves are a convenient option for wardrobes and cabinets, sliding in and out and holding up to 12 pairs of shoes to be organized per shelf. Pull-out pantry shelves show their flexibility as perfect clutch and purse organizers.

    custom slide out shelves for shoe storage
    pull-out pantry shelves for purse and clutch organization
  • Valet Pole

    A valet pole allows you to hang up your commonly used bags and make sure they’re always readily available to grab and go.

    valet pole closet accessory for hanging purses
    valet rod used for hanging handbags
  • Acrylic Divider

    Acrylic shelf dividers make organizing your bags easier than ever by creating separate compartments simply by fastening them on to your shelves.

    acrylic shelf dividers for purses and handbags
    acrylic shelf dividers to organize purses
  • Cleat with Hooks

    It makes plenty of sense for purses to go on hooks, right? A cleat with hooks is a great closet or bedroom addition that will keep all your bags in one place.

    cleat with hooks for hanging purses
    purse storage on cleat with hooks

    2. Economical Solutions

    Whether you're on a budget, leasing an apartment or house, or simply don't have the space for an elaborate organization system, organizing purses and shoes can easily be done with some quick and inexpensive fixes.

  • Under the Bed

    There are storage bins and boxes available that are made specifically to go underneath the bed. These bins come in a variety of materials including plastic, canvas, and wire — some even have wheels that make it super simple to slide in and out from underneath the bed. Canvas shoe organizers are available with dividers that create compartments for multiple pairs of shoes.

  • On/Over the Door

    An age old solution — hanging shoes over the door works perfectly with limited space. Wire rack shoe organizers that grip to the top of the door and canvas hanging organizers are inexpensive and are available many places online. You can hang purses on removable hooks on the door as well.

    over the door shoe organizer
  • Racks

    Racks are available in a variety of materials and come in different heights, widths, and with as many tiers as you'll need for your collections of either shoes or purses. Racks can fit great in a reach in closet or entryway closet. Get creative and paint a wooden rack with your very own personal style!

    two tier wire shoe rack for closet or entryway
    wooden shoe rack for shoes organization
  • Closet Organizers

    Pop up and foldable closet storage organizers are available that attach to your closet rods. These organizers are perfect for reach-in closets by adding additional compartments not offered by a standard closet.

  • Storage Boxes/Plastic Bins

    Boxes and bins are a simple way to keep shoes together if you don't have such a large collection. Storage boxes made specifically for shoes can fit nicely on your shelves and come in many different styles. Plastic bins are a very inexpensive and temporary solution for organizing individual pairs.

    shoe storage boxes for closet
    store shoes in plastic bins for easy organization
  • Hang Purses on Hangers

    Hanging purses on hangers is a quick and easy fix. Use sturdier hangers and make sure purses are empty so the hangers don't break.

    purse organization by hanging on hangers in closet
  • Removable Hooks

    Removable hooks are an option if you don't want to do any damage to your walls. Place removable hooks on the back of your door or on the side of your closet wall for extra storage. Removable hooks have weight limits, so be careful of how many purses you hang from each hook.

    3. Put on a Show

    Your closet can be transformed into a spectacle with some revamping and fine-tuning. Here are some closet options to really put on a show while organizing your shoes and purses.

  • Closet Lighting

    Closet lighting can instantly transform and elevate the mood of your closet. Closet Works offers several uplifting closet lighting options to showcase your shoes and bags.

    custom lighting for shoes in walk in closet
    custom wardrobe lighting with storage for shoes and purses
  • Glass Cabinets

    Glass cabinets can truly turn your closet into a sanctuary. The opulent effect of your belongings behind glass cabinets make them look remarkably special.

    custom glass cabinets for shoe storage in closet
    custom glass cabinets for purse storage and organization
  • Glass Shelves

    Glass shelves are a delicate option that turn your shoes and bags into works of art.

    custom glass shelving for shoes
    custom glass shelving unit for walk in closet organization

    4. Above and Beyond: The 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee®

    For those looking to revolutionize their shoe and purse storage, the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® is worth considering. The 360 Organizer® comes in four different models: "The Double Hang", "The Shoe Spinner", "The Valet", and "The Pantry."

  • 360 Organizer®

    Depending on size and style of your shoes, the Shoe Spinner model can hold up to 200 pairs of shoes. A 360 Organizer® can be customized to your liking with innovative features focused on your storage needs including hooks and adjustable shelves for clutches and handbags.

    custom 360 organizer by lazy lee for rotating shoe storage
    custom 360 organizer for clutch and purse organization
  • Watch The 360 Video Now!

Hopefully these tips inspired ideas for you to organize your shoes and purses!

There are thousands of ways to organize a closet, your closet should be as unique as you. The above list of considerations is just the first step in designing your perfect closet. Let one of the talented closet designers at Closet Works help you achieve that perfect closet design.