Closet Blog: How To Create Extra Room in Your Closet Through Proper Hanging

double hang increases storage in professionally designed closet

How To Hang Clothes and Save Space

You've likely got all kinds of garments hanging in your closet — some you love – some that don't fit — some you wish would fit — some you spent way too much money on… And all of them wanting a place to hang out.

One of the easiest ways to double your storage capacity in your closet design is to incorporate "double hang" into your closets. Double Hang is defined as having two rods that accommodate short hanging items (typically one at 40" and one at 80").

Some options that clients have used for their custom closet design include:

  • His and Hers — allocate and divide the space so there's no co-mingling. For some couples, this is the only way to make things work. His and Her hanging is specifically designated to separate sections.
  • Pants on Top — If you fold your pants over a hanger to hang them, putting them on the top rod allows you to more easily see what's on the lower rod because pants don't hang out as far as jackets and shirts.

    This is also a way to accommodate double hang if your ceiling height is less than the normal 84" required to accommodate double hang.

  • Who's on Top — the taller of the two people sharing the space can take the top rod and the shorter person can utilize the lower rods — that way everybody's things are within an easy reach.

Having spent decades in and out of thousands of closets, experienced designers (like my teammates at Closet Works) are worth their weight in gold if you're trying to maximize space so you can accommodate all the things you own and want to store inside your closets.

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