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How to Organize with Hooks for Closets and Other Home Storage Solutions Using Hooks

When most people think about closets and how to store clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is hanging space. However, there is more to a good closet and home storage strategy than clothes rods and hangers. Areas outfitted for hanging your clothes and wardrobe accessories is an essential part of any wardrobe storage strategy, but this does not necessarily have to mean hangers. Although a single wire clothes rod with one shelf above is the standard way home builders finish a closet, there are a lot of more efficient ways to tackle closet organization. The best closet and home organization strategies will employ a variety of storage solutions, including rods, shelves, drawers, baskets, cabinets, and hooks.

Hooks are not very glamorous and are thus sometimes overlooked by the average homeowner in the market for custom storage. But they are a very convenient and economical storage strategy.

hooks for closet organization
Hooks are available in many finishes and configurations for closet storage. These hooks are installed on a wood cleat that is anchored to the wall studs, ensuring that they won't pull away from the wall and fail when bearing a lot of weight.

Hooks are especially good for tight spaces or areas where convenient grab-and-go storage for everyday items is necessary. They come in a plethora of finishes to match any décor scheme and are designed for many applications and weight loads.


Hooks are rated for how much weight they can hold. They are considered light duty if they are designed to hold less than 15 pounds. Medium load hooks hold 15-20 pounds, heavy duty hooks are rated to hold 21-40 pounds, and extra heavy duty hold 40+ pounds. Do not confuse the weight rating of the hook with the load bearing capacity of the wall material on which it is hung. The weight bearing capacity of the hook refers to how much weight it will hold without breaking/snapping. Installation with proper anchor bolts on the drywall or direct installation onto a stud or wood is still required to keep your hook from falling off the wall. We recommend that some sort of cleat (usually a long piece of wood similar to a 2x4 but thinner) that is anchored to the studs be used with all hook installations, no matter how much weight you expect them to bear. When you have a lot of clothing and accessories hanging from your hooks, the total weight can quickly add up. The cleat should be able to transfer most of this load to the studs.

Three Types of Closet Hooks and Reasons to Use Them:

  1. Double Hooks: Hooks are an important part of every good closet design. Whether you need to organize a collection of baseball caps, necklaces, or just want someplace to hang your backpack, hooks will help you maintain organization in your life. Often called double hooks, the better closet hooks will offer two extrusions per hook for hanging things. The extrusions can be arranged side-by-side or one-over-the-other. You want a hook rated for medium to heavy use for closets. Even though your baseball hat collection may not seem like it needs to bear much weight, you never know when you may want to hang something else on the hook. They are so convenient that your hooks may end up accumulating more and more load over time. Using hooks rated to hold heavier items from the start will result in less remodeling in the future.
    hooks in a closet holding a collection of hats and backpack
    Hooks holding a collection of hats and a backpack.
  2. hooks near back door are convenient for children
    Hooks near back door are more convenient for children than hangers. This mudroom design features both coat hooks on the side panels for heavy coats, plus under-large shelf hooks for jackets, backpacks and accessories.
    Coat Hooks: Hooks can replace your entry closet — especially the closet near the rear entrance of the home. They take up a lot less space than a full closet with rods and hangers. They are also more convenient for everyday grab-and-go use. Children love the convenience of hooks. You are much more likely to get your kids to hang up their things by themselves if you offer some hooks positioned at eye level in addition to the standard clothes rods and hangers. You should use decorative hooks rated for heavy weight to ensure they can support several coats at a time in addition to backpacks and purses. The backpacks can get quite heavy with books in them. coat hook and under shelf hooks for closets
    coat hooks replace entry closet
  3. Accouterment Hooks: Accouterment hooks are designed for specific types of wardrobe accessories. Whether you need tie organization, a place to keep your casual purses, bandanas and scarves, belt hooks, necklace organization or something else, there is a hook for your needs. The advantage to using hooks for accessory storage is accessibility, economics, and space savings. They are usually the most inexpensive way to organize in the smallest amount of space while providing easy access. They are a great way to organize all your frequently used items. They are also a good way to organize a large collection when you don't have either the space or budget for more expensive organization solutions such a pull-out racks and drawers. They can be simple, single hook designs, or elaborate affairs with multiple arms for hanging accessories like the belt and tie hooks shown here. Accouterment hooks do not need to hold as much weight as other closet hooks. Even when there are many belts, ties, caps or necklaces per hook, weight load is fairly low. You can get away with light duty or medium duty hooks for your wardrobe accessories.
    hooks for hat and purse organizationhooks for ties and beltshooks for jewelry
    Wardrobe accessories can be easily organized using hooks, and are a perfect solution for the odd corner or section of wall that might otherwise be wasted in terms of organization. Their small footprint ensures that they can fit almost anywhere without blocking access to doors, drawers or other obstacles.

Use hooks for all your closet organizations

Hooks will never totally replace rods and shelves, but they can provide a lot of storage in a small space and are often significantly underused as closet organizers. If you are on a budget, need something to make that odd corner functional, or have very little space to work with, hooks are probably your best bet for organization. Using hooks to store things does not necessarily mean a utilitarian appearance to your home. Hooks for closets come in three basic types — double hooks, coat hooks and accouterment/accessory hooks. They are available in numerous finishes and styles. Used in the open, you can create a one of a kind display for your favorite jewelry or wardrobe accessories or make access to your everyday coat and purse quick and easy. Even when used behind a door, they can hold a lot and are more convenient than hangers. Why not try using hooks for your next organization project?

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hooks for closets used for casual necklace and jewelry organization
This closet has wall that the closet door would open against. Following rent trends in closet design, the homeowner decided to remove the closet door altogether and opted for an elegant closet organization system to showcase her possessions. Taking away the door also exposed the wall space that could now be used for storage. In order not to block the entranceway, hooks were used to provide storage for necklaces. The final design is not only functional, but acts as an art installation in the client's bedroom, showcasing all of her favorite jewelry pieces.
From the portfolio of Sue Tinker >

increase storage potential in an attic closets with sloped ceilings
This wardrobe closet includes a vertical pull out jewelry organizer for necklaces and bracelets made from simple lightweight hooks and a shelf turned 90° that was put on drawer slides so that it can move in and out when needed.
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entry closet with hooks instead of clothes rods
Entry closet with hooks instead of clothes rods: This mudroom organization system is designed with premier style and outstanding functionality. A cleat with six Elite double hooks provides space for twelve or more jackets, hats, bags, and more outerwear. The cleat is elegantly concealed behind cabinet doors to always ensure a clutter-free sight.
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bedroom closet with deep return used for hanging space
This mudroom organization system is designed with premier style and outstanding functionality. A cleat with six Elite double hooks provides space for twelve or more jackets, hats, bags, and more outerwear. The cleat is elegantly concealed behind cabinet doors to always ensure a clutter-free sight.
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