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The Facts About Custom Closet Hampers

Types of Built In Hampers Used in Custom Storage Systems

Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of a well designed closet. Special storage components designed to meet your personal needs is one of the advantages of ordering a custom closet rather than a stock, off-the-shelf solution. One type of storage that everyone needs is a place to put your dirty clothes at the end of the day. A simple open laundry basket that sits on the floor is the common solution. With a custom closet, however, so much more is possible. There are numerous built in hampers specifically made for custom closet systems that will not only hold the laundry, but keep it out of sight as well. Some will even go a step farther, helping you to sort the clothes and providing a means for transporting it all to the washing machine on laundry day.

Built in hampers are a custom closet accessory. There are two main types of built in hampers used in custom closets — the tilt out hamper and the roll out or pull out closet hamper. Both operate manually. They often feature multiple compartments for sorting laundry, and easy-to-lift removable bags with handles for carrying dirty clothes to the wash.


Tilt out hampers feature a cabinet door that is affixed to the front of the hamper. They look just like a cabinet when closed. To open, the door pulls down. The clothes hamper leans out of the cabinet to accept dirty clothing. When closed, the laundry is completely hidden from view behind the cabinet door. Tilt out hampers are generally available with either a basket or a bag type of system. Basket style tilt out hampers are usually made of heavy gauge steel wire and are available in multiple metalic finishes including polished chrome, brushed chrome and oil rubbed bronze. Most models will have the option of a cloth liner. The liner is convenient in that it prevents small items, like infant socks, from falling through the gaps in the wire. The removable liners also include handles so that the laundry can be easily transferred from the basket to the washing machine. Wire basket tilt hampers are manufactured to fit into a traditional 14-inch-deep closet system. They come in three sizes to fit 18-inch, 24-inch or 30-inch wide cabinets and are 19-1/2 inches deep. They are available as a single basket per cabinet, so if you need multiple compartments for sorting clothes, you will have to purchase more than one unit. Advantages of wire basket hamper systems include the ability to wash/replace the liners along with the fact that they are very sturdy.

The bag style tilt out hampers consist of heavy-duty nylon cloth bags with handles and hooks that hang from a metal frame. The opening of the bag attaches to the frame and keeps the bag from collapsing, even when the hamper is tilted open. The metal frame screws into the back of the cabinet door. The bags can be lifted off the metal frame using the built-in handles so that bags of dirty clothes are easily transported to the washing machine or laundromat. The advantage of the bag style tilt hamper system over the wire basket is can be ordered with multiple bags within a single cabinet. Available sizes include 16-1/4, 22-1/4 or 28-1/8 inch sizes. Bags and frames can usually be purchased separately.

Closet Works tilt out built in hamper
Closet Works tilt out wire hamper
Closet Works tilt out built in hamper cloth bag hamper
Closet Works tilt out cloth bag hamper


Laundry baskets that pull out/roll out are also available as built in closet hampers. Pull out closet hampers work in a similar fashion to a drawer. With this type of hamper, closet hamper bags or baskets are secured to the sides of the closet system with drawer slides. They are less concealed than tilt hampers because they do not include a cabinet door face to keep them hidden, but they are extremely convenient and present a neat, polished appearance. Dirty laundry is still out-of-sight because custom closet systems can be designed so that the pull out hampers are partially hidden under drawer or shelving units, ensuring that when the hamper is tucked away, contents are not visible. They are often the better choice for a suspended closet system where the floor is left exposed.

Pull out hampers are also available in the same heavy gage metal wire or cloth bag styles as tilt hampers. The wire basket style is available in 17-inch, 23-inch and 29-inch widths, and fit standard 18-inch, 24-inch or 30-inch closet sections once the slides are installed. The depth can be either 12-inches, 14-inches or 16 inches. The baskets used for hampers are 17 inches high. An optional canvas liner can be purchased that is essentially a bag with handles. This makes carrying the dirty clothes to the laundry room or dry cleaners a snap. They come in several finishes to match your clost hardware, knobs and handles, including polished chrome, brushed chrome or oil rubbed bronze.

Just like the wire basket, the bag style of the pull out hamper also functions like a drawer. Hamper bags are hung from a steel frame that attaches to drawer slides mounted to the sides of the closet system. Most bags are made of heavy duty nylon, however, premium versions are available in other types of cloth, textures and in decorator colors. The frames are generally available in the same polished chrome, brushed chrome and oil rubbed bronze finishes as the wire basket hampers. The nice thing about this solution is that the bag layout can be either one large bag, two small bags, or a large and a small depending on your space. The frames are designed to fit 18-inch, 24-inch or 30-inch openings and line up perfectly under standard closet shelves or drawers. All of the bags, whether standard nylon or premium heavy duty cloth, include built in handles so that you can easily move your laundry from the closet to the washer and dryer.

Closet Works pull out wire hamper system
Closet Works pull out wire hamper
Closet Works standard pull out cloth bag built in hamper
Closet Works standard pull out cloth bag hamper
Closet Works premium pull out single bag built in hamper
Closet Works premium pull out single bag hamper
Closet Works premium pull out double bag built in hamper
Closet Works premium pull out double bag hamper

There is an old saying that the devil is in the details. Closet systems are no exception. A built in hamper is a simple thing, but it introduces an extra bit of convenience and pampering into the closet system. It can bring about feelings of additional luxury and opulence for the owner that far exceed the small cost of the unit. A built in closet hamper, whether tilt out or pull-out, is a closet accessory that, once you have one, you won't want to do without ever again.