Closet Blog: Garage Organization

Garage Organization System is the Most Wanted Gift for Father's Day

Here is a list to help guide you into categorizing the functions of your garage:

  • Space for parking cars
  • Bikes and kids' toys
  • Automotive care/car washing
  • Tools/workbench/hardware
  • Pet care
  • Trash and recycling
  • Camping gear
  • Swimming gear or pool toys
  • Lawn furniture/spectator chairs
  • Gardening and lawn care equipment and supplies
  • Sports equipment/golf/fishing gear
  • Seasonal storage (holiday decorations and memorabilia)
  • Permanent storage (tax records, spare furniture)

Give Dad the Gift of an Organized Garage

This Father's Day, give dad space for a workbench, fishing gear, sports equipment, lawn equipment, and more!

Before getting started, consider the functions of your garage. There are hundreds of different uses for a garage, and most of the time protecting your cars from the elements is not one of them.

Once you have a better idea of what you are organizing for, you can get started organizing. The key to organizing is to have an adequate garage organization system in place, and to be decisive.

You will want to have organizer systems to handle things like gardening equipment, bikes, and sports gear. A well designed garage organization system can make a huge difference in keeping your garage organized longer.

While sorting through your garage clutter, you will want to make quick decisions about what you are keeping and placing in an organizational system and what you are tossing. Garages tend to be storeage dumps for items that you have delayed making decisions on over the year. By going through the clutter as quickly and confidently as possible you will see fast and long lasting results that will save time in the future by allowing you to find items quickly!

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