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Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

Cluttered garage

If you're feeling defeated before you've even begun, this guide is for you. By breaking a mountain of a task into bite-size pieces, you can bring your out-of-control-messy garage into focus. Before you know it, you will have transformed a chaotic free-for-all space into a functional, organized storage area.

Invest in a proper storage setup. If you can, invest in some storage cabinets and wall-mounted storage — it will make a huge difference in how accessible your stored items are and may even help protect them over time.

Keep it going. The key to keeping your garage organized and clutter-free long-term is to view it as an important, useful space, not a dumping ground for random items that you don't know what else to do with. Clutter tends to breed more clutter, so remember that the next time you are tempted to stash away a few more "good"cardboard boxes, that Christmas present you hate (but are afraid to get rid of) or the broken blender you might one day fix.

Garage organization and cleaning
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How To Get That Messy Garage in Shape

Cleaning out and organizing a jam-packed garage can be an overwhelming task. These excellent tips from Houzz can help you get your messy garage in shape.

If you're ready to call in the professionals for help, Closet Works offers custom garage storage solutions that can help you tame the mess and turn an embarrassment of clutter into a showplace in which you'd be happy to entertain. In-home consultations are free and without obligation.

Closet Works has been crafting sanctuaries and creating a sense of order for Chicagoland garages for nearly three decades. For more information on Closet Works call toll-free at 800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738).