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Banish Household Clutter with an Entire Wall Entertainment Center

Example of an entire wall entertainment center

Are you drowning in clutter? Do all the home electronics, entertainment equipment, games, and kids' "stuff" become overwhelming at times? Learn how to banish it all for good with an entire wall entertainment system that doubles as attractive storage. Keep your rooms clean and simple with these storage system tips.

We've all been spending more time at home than ever before. That means a lot of togetherness and in-home entertainment activities. The increased family time can be a wonderful bonding experience for all involved. But having everyone at home presents its own set of problems. If you're frustrated by all the "stuff" that accumulates in relation to more in-home activities, you're not alone. Look around. Home improvement projects to support the new stay-at-home centered lifestyle abound. And a wall of storage in the form of a new entertainment center is one that can make a big difference when it comes to finding ways to cope with the clutter that ensues.

Built-in Shelves & Cabinets to the Rescue

The best way to get everything tidied up so that it stays that way is by having a place to put things. That means cabinets and shelves. And don't fret when it comes to dimensions. A well-designed built-in entertainment center will declutter a room, making it look bigger rather than smaller. And always allow room to grow. If you truly want space to put away everything you need to plan for that. That's why size does matter. Allocating an entire wall entertainment center provides the most complete way to meet those ever-increasing multi-media storage demands. Use one to provide a place for the television, video, and gaming equipment. That same wall unit can offer an in-home library for books. Enclose some of the shelves behind cabinet doors. That way, you have hidden storage for small toys, games, and even crafts that may otherwise clutter the room or make it appear messy.

built-in entertainment center with desk, media center, and craft storage cabinets
This entertainment center design creates a neat home office area, media center with storage, overhead cabinets for board games, and craft supply cabinets.

Why Built-ins?

Built-ins are always custom-made to suit the space inside the home. They have the distinct advantage of being sized to meet your home's exact dimensions. That's why they're the best way to make sure that you utilize an area with no waste. And they're always a perfect fit. Built-ins also add value to a home because, unlike furniture, they are considered part of the property. A custom built-in can be designed to accentuate the architecture and wrap existing features such as windows and fireplaces, making it the ideal focal point of the room.

built-in entertainment center surrounds living room window
This entire wall entertainment center surrounds the living room window, leaving space for a built-in desk below. Another cabinet hides the electric panel without compromising access or safety. Cabinets, shelves, and a space for a TV take care of storage and entertainment needs.

Are there different styles of built-in wall units?

Just like furniture, wall units that are built-ins can be constructed in any style. Anything from the traditional American Craftsman look, to cottagey beadboard, to transitional or modern designs are possible. Built-ins, however, are more flexible than furniture because they can be designed in an additional style that furniture cannot. Furniture and most entertainment centers are floor-based construction, using the floor to support the wall unit. However, built-in entertainment centers have the option of being suspended against the wall as floating cabinets. These floating wall units offer the streamlined, modern aesthetic that many homeowners currently seek for their interior décor.

Custom built-in wall unit features clean contemporary lines.
Some people say that modern design is cold, but our cozy wall unit proves that supposition wrong! This combination modern entertainment center and electric fireplace surround uses suspended construction and asymmetric design for a dramatic effect. It fills the wall between the corner and the window with storage and a place to display art.

What can you put in an entertainment center wall unit?

There's no limit as to what can be contained in an entertainment center. Most will always include storage for a TV. However, electric fireplaces, desks, file cabinets, hidden ironing boards, and more are common features. Many people like to include display shelves for family photos and other memorabilia. And the bigger it is, the more it will hold. Use it to control the clutter in your home by including a place for everything.

Custom entertainment center with hidden pull-out desk.
One benefit to purchasing a custom unit rather than a stock piece of furniture is that you get everything you can dream up in a small space. This homeowner now has two rooms in one by adding two pull-out desks to the entertainment center.

How big should a built-in entertainment center be?

The optimal size for your entertainment center will depend on what you need to put in it and the size of your home. Our recommendation is to go as large as the room will allow. An entire wall entertainment center provides the most practical storage and should be considered. However, even small homes can experience the benefits of owning a big storage by installing two smaller units. One rule to remember is that you can never have too much storage. A large entertainment center can become the focal point of your room. Or choose a neutral finish and let it blend into the wall, functioning as a backdrop to the rest of the room.

Custom entertainment center storage for a bedroom.
This large wall unit spans an entire wall of the master bedroom. The storage closet provides plenty of room for clothing. The center section includes drawers with a space above for a large TV and sound equipment.

Use entertainment centers to add a wall of storage to any room in the home.

Media center and wardrobe closet for bedroom.
This wall unit provides dual function as wardrobe storage and entertainment center. Notice how it visually blends into the wall. By receding into the background, the bed remains the focal point of the bedroom. An bonus of a beautiful built-in like this is that it can increase the value of your home.

Entertainment centers are a great addition to any room of the home. Everyone thinks of living rooms and family rooms for their media storage. But any room where you watch movies, television, or play games is a candidate for a wall unit entertainment center. If you like to watch TV in bed, put one in your bedroom. If you watch television while using your treadmill or exercise bike, put one in your exercise area.

Custom wall unit and entertainment center for a home gym.
This modern wall unit and entertainment center for a home gym covers a whole wall. It holds exercise equipment, towels, the TV, and more, ensuring that keeping fit is convenient and fun for the whole family!

Thinking of adding an entire wall entertainment center to your home?

Avoid the messy house blues. An attractive storage unit can make all the difference between a room that is forever wallowing in clutter versus one that stays neat as a pin. That's because the secret to a clean home is having a designated place to put things. An entire wall entertainment center will do just that. It can take care of filing away the little items that tend to collect while also providing space for your television and electronic equipment. Think custom built-ins across the whole wall for maximum storage and organization. And remember. When you're ready to take the plunge into the organized life, Closet Works can help. Just schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our designers to get started on your own custom, built-in entertainment center today.