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Closet Trends: The Dressing Room Closet

Luxury and Efficiency are Not Mutually Exclusive

Your alarm sounds bright and early on a Tuesday morning, you sleepily rouse yourself and head towards the bathroom. As you open the door you may expect to find vanity and a shower, but instead you have entered the dressing suite.

Trends in closet design include the super organized dressing room closet — affording the owner more time, personal space, less furniture, and more sleep.

Although it may seem like a dream come true to some, dressing suites are becoming more common in our homes and with good reason. Although many would consider it a true indulgence for those occupying the master suite, the practical benefits are hard to dismiss. There are four key benefits that you can enjoy with your dressing suite: more time, personal space, less furniture, and more sleep.



    When you combine the master bath with the master closet, you now have one stop shopping for getting ready each day. With your morning routine condensed into an integrated space, you save time you would normally spend moving from room to room as you take a shower, find your clothes, and fix your hair. Closets in some dressing suites even sport coffee makers to make that morning transition a bit easier.

    Dressing room closet off master bathroom
    This dressing room closet is located right off the master bathroom to make getting ready in the morning as easy and efficient as possible, while providing a feeling of opulence and self indulgence. See Project >

    drssing room closet with drawers and ara for packing a suitcase
    Intended to function as the hub of the home, this closet includes separate sections for both the husband and wife. Each side is optimized for maximum efficiency in the couple's morning routine. The closet/dressing room includes his and hers cell phone charging stations, plus space to organize papers for work and other necessities for the next day. The center divider includes drawers above a built in hamper. It's countertop serves as a convenient staging area for packing a suitcase — essential for this busy couple prone to frequent travel. See Project >

    The closet, or closets, in a dressing suite tend to be somewhat larger and all encompassing. In this arrangement there will likely be one closet for each person, or perhaps a single large closet that is divided down the center to create a "his" and "hers" section.

    large closet that is divided down the middle into two closets for him and her
    This large closet was divided down the middle into two separate spaces, each with its own distinct personality, for him and her. See Project >

    mens dressing room closet
    This men's dressing room closet is as large as some bedrooms. In addition to offering ample clothing storage, the comfortable leather sofa, large TV and home office space encourage the owner to spend a lot of time inside this private sanctuary of a closet. See Project >

    The same elements of a closet dressing room that save time each morning will also give you more space in your bedroom. Without a dressing suite you would find yourself running from an armoire, to a dresser, to a closet finding something to wear. Today's dressing suites have drawers, mirrors, shelves, baskets, hampers; anything you could want relating to your wardrobe. Once everything is in a single location, your precious space in the bedroom will no longer be dominated by dressers or armoires. Fewer pieces of furniture will make your bedroom seem larger and more spacious.

    elegant dressing room closet for woman
    Custom master closet is actually a dressing room for her with elegant vanity/dressing table, shelving for accessories, a built in hamper and rotating shoe organizer plus other amenities. See Project >

    That's right, a dressing suite can help you get more sleep. Before you're questioning my sanity, allow me to explain. Very often you will find spouses with varying schedules. The dressing suite allows the early riser to begin preparations for the day, and they needn't leave until they're completely dressed and ready to go. So instead of rummaging through drawers, and turning on lights, you now allow your partner to continue in blissful slumber. And with the time you're saving not running from the bathroom to the closet to the dresser (see number 1) you can even add a few minutes of shut-eye for yourself.

    new dressing room closet repurposes space from a converted porch
    This vintage home sports a elegant dressing room closet that was created from space that was once a sleeping porch. The old porch was infrequently used due to the conveniences of modern air conditioning. It has found new life as a closet dressing room for Her. Finishes, door styles and accessories were chosen to provide a feminine sensibility with nod to the room's historic past, while providing modern functionality through hanging, shelving and built-in dressers. Having this separate dressing room space allows the owner to quickly get ready for her shift at the hospital, no matter what time, without waking her partner. See Project >

With compelling evidence like that, it's no wonder more and more homeowners are opting for elegant closet dressing rooms. You may be thinking that if you have a home without a dressing suite, you're doomed to waste time, share space, have tons of furniture and not get as much sleep. Here's the good news, many of the benefits gained from a dressing room closet as a separate room can also be achieved with simple modifications to your existing closets. Laminate closets are well within reach for many budgets and, when properly designed, can create the same "one place for all your needs" setup that you would find in a larger dressing suite. Even a reach-in closet can add drawers for delicates, tie racks and belt racks, shelving and hanging.

As standard laminate closets become a staple in more households, the luxury home market has taken the high end of closets and pushed for even greater extravagance. Increased demand for upgraded options has as much to do with housing trends as it does with needed space.

Laminate closet systems have also grown with the trends, and can provide the look of wood with a much lower price tag. Laminate closets have become very elaborate and are available with flutes and crown moulding to create a built in look. Glass door inserts and interior lighting have become staples in many closets, creating a dramatic feature in any dressing suite.

Many dual career couples work long hours. Having a separate dressing room/closet that allows one partner to get ready for the day without disturbing the other can be a major lifestyle benefit. And it's not just for couples. More and more singles are also pampering themselves with their own private dressing room closets. Luxury, efficiency and affordability — it's no wonder the closet dressing suites have become so popular!