Closet Blog: Finding Your Dream Closet on a Budget

Lighting transforms closet into a work of art
A Lighting System Can Transform Your Closet into an Instant Work of Art

Mirrors transform closet into a work of art
Closet Works Closet Doors Double as 3-Way Mirror
Closet Works Closet Doors Double as 3-Way Mirror

Creating a Feeling of Opulence When Your Wallet is on a Diet

More and more homeowners are asking for dream dressing rooms rather than simple custom walk-in closets. Inspiration for these rooms comes from the constant bombardment by media — everything from celebrity interviews and home shows to social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. Most people, however, don't have a celebrity pocket book to cover the cost of an extravagant dressing room and closet system. So how do we help these clients achieve the look they desire? By selecting different upgrades and special features that offer an instant "WOW" factor, but work within their concept and price range.

    Closet Works and Closets Magazine offer helpful tips on getting the most out of your new closet or organization system on a budget. According to Closets Magazine:
  • Lighting‬ can have the most impact on a closet. Most of the hardware vendors are happy to work with your layout showing you what and where the lighting should be installed. If a lighting system is not in the budget, then installing a few battery operated motion lights in select cabinets or drawers will still provide a high end look.
  • Hardware‬ selections play an important part in the final look of the dressing room. It is the jewelry of the closet. Specialty handles and knobs can be featured throughout the room, or on select cabinetry for more impact.
  • ‎Mirrors‬ can be used inside the cabinetry or on the outside of the doors. When used on corner cabinetry it will not only brighten up the room, but also creates a three way mirror needed for dressing. A three way mirror effect can also be accomplished by installing three mirrored closet doors side by side and placing the hinges along the inside edge of the two outside mirrors as pictured here
  • Trim not only adds to the beauty of a closet, but can also help with trouble areas or provide secret storage. Base molding dresses up any closet. By adding shoe molding to the base, it gives it a furniture look, while hiding the unevenness we often find along the floor. Instead of using larger expensive crown, adding a 3-4" fascia above the closet unit then attaching the smaller crown will hide the inconsistency in the ceiling height, while giving the impression of a large pricey crown. Hiding the transition seams with flat scribe molding completes the look. Fluted fillers throughout the room, or around specific feature cabinets will also add a high end look. Fillers that pull out and hide scarf or tie collections are always a fun surprise.
  • Accessories are the toys of the closet. From baskets, to fabric bins and boxes many gadgets are available for any budget. Consider creating your own accessory zone, such as custom jewelry or tie cabinets. If you are creating it (or ordering it custom made), you can make it any size depending on the budget you are working with.

The ultimate closet/dressing room can become a reality for every homeowner — even those on a budget. It only takes a little creativity, a mind for the details and knowledge of what is available at different price points. The experts at Closet Works are always happy to assist you in bringing your dream to reality.

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