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Drawer Organizers for Jewelry

Use Velvet Drawer Inserts for Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses and More!

Proper care of your jewelry, eyewear and other fine accessories like watches is critical to the longevity of the pieces. One of the main components of proper care is proper storage of the pieces when you are not wearing them. Jewelry drawers are a popular solution to the storage of your finer accessories, as they keep things out of site and can also accommodate a need for restricted access if you choose to add a lock to the drawer.

If you are converting an existing drawer into a jewelry drawer, it is best to use shallow drawers made from drawer boxes that are between 2-1/2 to five inches deep. (Think of your kitchen silverware drawer as a maximum size reference). These types of drawers will usually have faces/fronts that are between five to seven inches high. The best way to keep individual pieces of jewelry, watches and sunglasses organized and protected inside the drawer is by using special drawer inserts for jewelry.

Drawer organizers for jewelry will feature compartments that are usually made of either acrylic or velvet. Acrylic is okay for costume jewelry, and most everyday wear. However, for your fine pieces of jewelry, watches and eyewear, velvet drawer inserts are best.

  1. Use Velvet Drawer Liners for Jewelry Protection:

    Fine jewelry is delicate. Precious metals like gold and silver are relatively soft and prone to damage from improper care. Gold and silver used in jewelry are always alloyed with another metal, otherwise they would be too soft to use. The higher the quality, however, generally the higher the percentage of real gold and/or silver used in the piece, making it softer and more easily scratched or dented. Pearl jewelry, in particular, is soft and easily scuffed or scratched. Opals, amber and many other gemstones all have their own particular care requirements. Using drawer inserts for jewelry with individual compartments that are lined with ultra-soft velvet will address these concerns, ensuring that your jewelry, expensive watches, and collection of eyeglasses/sunglasses remains undamaged.

    jewelry drawer organizer
    The pearls in this jewelry drawer organizer are protected from scratches and damages because each piece is in its own separate compartment, preventing the various articles of jewelry from landing in a jumble or rubbing against each other when the owner is rumaging for that perfect accent jewelry to mark a special occasion. The plush velvet lining cradles each piece in ultra-soft cloth, and the depth of the velvet pile prevents further movement of the pearls when the drawer is opened or closed, eliminating scuffing of the delicate outer layer of the pearl.
    drawer insert for jewelry can be used for watches
    Watches are basically a type of functional jewelry. The delicate crystals can scratch or even crack and shatter if left unprotected. This velvet drawer insert for jewelry works well with the timepieces to eliminate any chance of damage and reducing the need for trips to a watch repair facility or jeweler. Flat velvet drawer inserts like this without individual compartments work well when you only have a few larger pieces to store in your jewelry/watch drawer. The pieces are all cradled by the plush velvet, but without dividers, a large number of necklaces might become jumbled and tangled.
    sunglass drawer organizer
    Drawer organizers for jewelry can also be used for eyewear. The advantage to having a sunglass drawer organizer over the individual eyeglass case provided by the optometrist is that you can see your entire collection at once, allowing you to choose the perfect pair as a functional fashion accessory. The individual eyeglass case can still be used. Leave it in your car or glove box, in case you need a place to store your sunglasses when out and about.
    The individual compartments in your velvet drawer insert will keep pieces from rubbing against each other. This is important, as harder gemstones, especially diamonds, can scratch softer ones. The velvet lining creates a soft layer that cradles each individual piece, even reducing the friction from opening and closing the drawer. Velvet lined drawer inserts work equally well on expensive watches and eyeglasses. The benefits of providing a scratch resistant storage system for these items is equally important. Plus, you will be able to see all your fashionable watch and sunglass options at once by keeping them laid out in a drawer.

    High quality velvet jewelry drawer liners are made from organic materials. A heavy-duty, molded paper board base provides the structure. A soft velvet cloth covers the structure and protects the jewelry from damage. Organic materials are used because many plastics will emit harmful vapors that can damage delicate gemstones over time. For this reason, never store fine jewelry in plastic bags or other plastic containers.

  2. Use Acrylic Drawer Organizers for Costume Jewelry, Everyday Wear, and Metals:

    Acrylic drawer organizers have the advantages of being able to store more jewelry, and they frequently offer ajustability in compartment sizes. This flexibility can be important depending on what pieces you have in your collection. These types of clear plastic drawer organizers have more more compartments overall than velvet lined drawer inserts, and acrylic jewelry tray organizers can often be stacked on top of each other, providing even more compartments for jewelry storage. Some acrylic jewelry drawer organizers will even include a velvet bottom, providing a little extra protection for softer pieces or items that may be easily scratched. However, the acrylic organizers are still best limited to collections of costume jewelry or pieces that are primarily metal, like gold.

    Acrylic is a type of plastic. Although acrylic is BPA free and certified safe for use in the food industry, all plastics can potentially emit vapors. Certain gemstones are very sensitive to these vapors and might discolor when stored in a plastic container. Metal is not affected in this way and can be safely stored in your acrylic jewelry drawer organizer. If you have a collection of costume jewelry with artifical/plastic gemstones and pearls, the acrylic is fine as well.

    jewelry drawer organizer
    This acrylic jewelry drawer organizer offers three tiers of jewelry compartments. The bottom layer is lined with plush velvet. The upper and middle trays are sized so that they do not completely cover up the layer below, maintaining visibilty for all three tiers of jewelry storage. The middle and top trays also slide back and forth, ensuring quick and easy accessibility to every piece stored in the drawer. Removal of trays in order to view what might be hiding beneath in the next layer is unecessary, furthering the convenience of this type of jewelry organizer.

So which is best?

Velvet drawer organizers for jewelry, especially those with compartments, will help protect all jewelry including precious metals, gemstones and pearls, reducing the chance of scratching and scuffing. Pearls are the most delicate of your fine jewelry and should receive special attention no matter how you choose to store them, whether in a jewelry drawer or other container. A softly lined drawer, envelope or box made with organic velvet, or possibly silk, where they can't move around or be jostled is a necessity. As a special note, all organic gems, including pearls, opals and amber, should never be put in a safe deposit box because the dry air there can cause them to crack or craze. An in-home jewelry drawer with velvet lined compartments is a good solution for these softer gems and high quality precious metals. As an added benefit, velvet lined drawer inserts also work well to prevent damage to watches and eyeglasses, making them very versatile for those with a lot of expensive timepieces and sunglasses to organize and store.

Acrylic drawer organizers also have their place in the well organized jewelry collection. Many women, and some men as well, have a lot of costume jewelry. Because they can stack and hold so much more, use acrylic drawer organizers for metal chains and costume jewelry collections. Avoid any type of plastic container for pearls, opals and gemstones

Ideally, you'll want a combination of both types of drawer organizers for your home depending on your personal jewelry collection and what you need to store.