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Closet Blog: Downsizing to A Small Home Can Still Mean Big Closets

Downsized Homes — But NOT Downsized Closets

When you hear the word "downsize" you often get a negative vibe.

It feels like there's suddenly less of things — be it space or furniture.

Think again.

Downsizing is a positive trend that's gaining real traction as people realize they don't need all the space they thought they did. And this often happens after they take a serious look around their homes and realize how much of the space is filled with unnecessary "stuff".

And there are other upsides to the "downsize". You're using less resources to build and maintain that space. There's more energy effeciency and even more effective design because you're getting more bang for your buck. It's not just about big open spaces of yesteryear's McMansions. It's about living together — humans and technology — and doing it with peace and joy.

I mean really, who amongst us wants more floor to vacuum or more toilets to clean?

And younger generations are not as fond of "shelf-sitting souvenirs" and mementos as their parents and grandparents. They've been raised in a time of sleek and smaller design and they take that in to their lives with comfort.

And if you live in an existing large home, there's a chance you're considering a remodel and reallocation of space because it's not just you and your hubby. You might also be housing your children and your parents.

And what frequently happens during this remodel is that "living" space is opened up and made more accessible, while "storage" space is enlarged. You'll see lots of walk in pantries to keep all the different food and kitchen items. You'll also see walk in closets in as many rooms as possible.

Walk in closets allow people to organize their items. They also allow for maximizing the space because the vertical (wall) space is used to the max for either hanging or shelving. Face it, you get a lot more bang out of an eight foot tall section of shelving in your closet than you do an end table next to the recliner.

So the key to any successful remodel like this is to make sure you have the right amount of storage for the items you decide to keep. Ask yourself how you live and really evaluate what you use ON A REGULAR BASIS (not once every few years). Then purchase or build storage systems and furniture that meet the criteria required to store those items so they are easily accessible when you need them.

Nothing feels better than opening a door or drawer, seeing what you need and NOT having to move anything out of the way to get at what you need.

organized closet drawer with dividers

Simple luxury rocks! Getting it for yourself is attainable, it just means putting in the effort. Good organization is well planned, well designed and most of all, well worth the effort.

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